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How to read data from a CSV file

File Attached.

See the attached workflow sample that shows you how to read the data from a csv file.

About this Workflow

This workflow shows you how to read data from a CSV file and extract it. The output will be saved in a data table and will be visible in the Output Panel.

The Read CSV Activity 

1. This activity triggers what file needs to be used in this operation. Set the full path of the CSV file and you are ready to go.




2. The content extracted in this CSV file will be saved in a DataTable format.

Extracting the rows based on each columns:




  1. We have assigned dataTable as a variable that stores and extracts data from the CSV file. This way it will be a lot easier to call and use it anywhere in the workflow.
  2. The For each row activity reads the data in each row.
  3. The For each column allows a division for each data being read and makes sure that the extraction of data goes from left to right.
  4. The output text will then be the data plus a blank space added right next to it.
  5. The Writeline activity displays the output in the Output Panel.

Download Workflow Example