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How to write data to a CSV file ?

About this workflow

This workflow shows you how to write a csv file using a data table. To make things more clearly we will build manually a data table and fill it.

Build data table

First of all we have to use "Build data table" activity and then fill it manually. Many activities output a data table so you don't have to build it by yourself.

Secondly use "Write CSV" activity, if it's not available, please install UiPath.Excel.Activities and then restart your Studio and search again.

Write CSV activity has two important properties:

1. FilePath where you can write the absolut path or just the file name ( eg. "People.csv" ) and in this case the document will be saved in the same folder as your workflow.

2. DataTable which is the input.

These two are the most important properties without which the activity will not work.

Download workflow example