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Knowledge Base

Publish UiPath Studio Inside Citrix Environment

1. Assumptions

  • The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the automation of Citrix appplications inside Citrix.
  • Have a Citrix working environment.
  • UiPath Studio is available in Citrix environment and can be published inside Citrix.
  • In this tutorial we’ll assume that the application we want to automate is Notepad.


2. Resources


3. Publish the applications in Citrix environment (by Citrix admin)

  • Publish UiPath Studio
  • Publish Notepad



How to publish applications:


4. Record using UiPath Studio (by Citrix user)

  • Start UiPath Studio published in Citrix environment
  • Start a new workflow by selecting “New Recording sequence”
  • Click on “Record App”


  • Browse and select Notepad application executable

"this is a test"2

  • Automate the application in the desired way (in this example the text “this is a test” is sent to Notepad)


  • Next, you can run the workflow as on a regular desktop.

Warning: automated application MUST be launched from UiPath workflow in order to ensure it is running in the same environment


5. Publish a workflow (optional, by Citrix user)

  • In UiPath Studio click on “Create Shortcut”


  • Check the option “Add shortcut to startup menu” and click “Create”


  • Publish the shortcut to Citrix (see Publish the applications in Citrix environment)


  • Now you can run the workflow directly from Citrix