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Reusing automations - Library

When creating workflows we often need to automate the same processes. In these situations it is easier to create workflows that contain small pieces of common automation that are reusable and applicable in multiple workflows, and add them to Library.


Library pane shows a list of folders containing workflows. Any workflow from Library can be added to a workflow by dragging and dropping it into the designer workspace, just like any activity.
In Samples and Snippets some of our templates from UiPath Studio 7 can be found.

How to add a folder to the show in Library pane:

  • In Library Pane click on the Add Folder button

  • In the folder dialog browser that appears, select the folder that contains the workflows to be added to Library and click on Select Folder button.
  • The added folder and all the workflows it contains should appear now in the Library pane

If a folder is empty or it doesn’t have any workflows, it will not appear in Library pane.
To remove a folder from Library, simply right click the folder and select Remove from the menu.

To add a new workflow to Library you can either add the folder that it is in to Library using the steps presented above, or copy it in a folder that is already added to Library. Once you`ve done that, you need to press the Refresh button and your workflow will appear there.


To open a specific folder to view it`s content, right click and and select Open Folder.

Also, if you hover the mouse pointer over the folder, you can see its full path.