Release Notes

UiPath v2016.2 - Preview release


New UI and Dashboard

A Dashboard has been added so usage information about all resources (robots, processes, environments, jobs, releases, transactions) can be viewed in one page.

Front-end was rewritten in AngularJS 2, making navigation faster.

Roles and User Management

Flexible authorisation for user, role and permissions. New users can be created, roles assigned to them and their permissions can be customised.


Alerts are generated for Robots and jobs that changed status, transactions that failed or schedules that misfired. Additionally, email alerts can be set up for Fatal and Error messages.


Improved auditing when users create, update or delete all Orchestrator entities (robots, assets, queues, environments etc.).


Jobs are now queued as pending to ensure full Robot utilisation.

The Robot statuses are more reliable. 


Multi-tenant support is available and it enables you to define a custom number of tenants and isolate all data (logs, reports etc.) for each of the created tenants, with only one instance of Orchestrator.


Schedules can be set on specific robots, on a subset of Robots or on all of them. They can be enabled, disabled, edited and stopped at a specified time. A cron expression can be added.

Time zone support has been implemented and can be configured per tenant. By default, this is set to UTC.


A date priority to all queue items can be set, to ensure SLA, by defining a time frame when transactions must be processed.

Review statuses, In Review or Mark as Verified, can be set to queue items that have failed with an application exception. Items can be processed manually.


Logging is configurable with support for multiple targets (SQL and ElasticSearch).



UiPath Robot Service has been improved, from a reliability and performance standpoint.


It is now possible to run multiple processes with multiple robots on the same machine in the same time, each under a different user account.

UI Automation

Anchor-based automation (identifying controls based on nearby fixed elements) now handles dynamic forms. Try it out in the Automation Challenge.

Firefox is supported once more for all UI automation features.

Improved computer vision.


The Framework and Platform packages were merged into the UiPath Core activities.

Text Exists and OCR Text Exists are two activities recently introduced that can be used in the Retry Scope activity, as conditions for repeating a custom sequence.

A new activity, Postpone Transaction Item, has been added to support new Orchestrator features, by enabling you to define a time frame when transactions must be processed.

Several activities packs have been made open-source. Feel free to collaborate on our GitHub repositories.



Data Scraping

The web scraping functionality has been extended to extract structured data from desktop applications. This has been incorporated in the new Data Scraping wizard.


OCR accuracy and reliability has been improved. A new property, Profile, has been added to all OCR engines, which applies different preprocessing methods to a specified image.

Newly available OCR engines: Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud, Abbyy and Abbyy Cloud.

Interface and Usability

UiPath Explorer has a new interface.

The new Package Manager allows for the management and configuration of package sources; adding and updating all activities can be done with one click.


Various changes that facilitate productivity including:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for most commands
  • Double-clicking an activity in the Activities panel adds it in your workflow
  • New layout for all Workflow Designer panels
  • Removing all breakpoints from a project
  • Surrounding an activity with Try Catch from the context menu
  • Drag a file from the Project panel to automatically invoke it
  • Integration with Subversion (SVN) 

Known Issues

You can remove the admin user from the Administrator role.

UX issues for long named entities.

On occasion, the Robots quickly switch back and forth between states on the Sessions page.

In some scenarios, the Studio update might fail. In that case, you are required to uninstall and reinstall the application.