Release Notes

UiPath v2016.1.5995

Release date: May 31st 2016

UiPath Studio


  • You can now search for a specific message in the Output panel.
  • You can now filter the Output panel to display or hide timestamps, errors, warnings, information and trace messages in the Output panel. 
  • The UiPath Studio Setup wizard now has an Advanced mode that enables you to select where to install the app and what features to add. 

UiPath Robot


  • Closing the Robot window from the taskbar now cancels the currently running process.


  • It was not possible to start projects whose names contained full stops (.). 
  • If projects were updated, the process names could not be properly retrieved. 
  • The Add Log Fields activity stopped working when it was used in a workflow that contained an Invoke Workflow File activity with the Isolated property selected. 
  • On startup, the Robot continues connecting to Orchestrator if the network communication is faulty. 
  • Restarting the UiPath Robot Service did not work correctly. 

UiPath Orchestrator


  • All robots are now shown in the same list in the Manage Robots window in the Environments page.
  • You can now refresh the charts from the Transaction page, and view average execution time for items results. 
  • AES 256 encryption algorithm is now used for all stored assets. 
  • SSL3 and TLS1.2 are now supported as security protocols for HTTP requests. 
  • Authorize assets requests for robot calls.
  • The logs search is now case insensitive. 


  • The search in the Robots page did not work properly. 
  • The Job drop-down list from the Add Schedule window in the Schedules page did not work properly. 
  • Usernames were not displayed correctly if Active Directory authentication was enabled. 
  • In some rare cases, credential assets were corrupted.