Release Notes

UiPath v2016.2.6192

Release date: 9th December 2016



  • High-Density Robots remained in a Not Responding state if you deleted at least one of them from Orchestrator while the connection between the server app and the Robot machine was down.
  • In some cases, when many concurrent heartbeats were submitted from a High-Density environment, the SQL database was locked.
  • Schedules were immediately canceled if the Stop After functionality was used.
  • It was not possible to delete a disabled schedule.
  • You could not delete a process associated with a disabled schedule.
  • The Edit User window was not displayed when you clicked the Edit button in the Users page.



  • In some cases, the Robot stopped responding when you downloaded an activities package.



  • Cloud OCR engine activities did not properly save the images they were processing.
  • The Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions for UI automation did not work properly if the respective web browsers has a homepage set.
  • If you stopped debugging a workflow (F12), the last activity triggered remained highlighted. Now, this only occurs when an exception is encountered.