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Identifying the real business outcomes of automation

Automation is no longer just a ‘useful technology’ but a ‘strategic game-changer’ that’s delivering tangible business outcomes. It’s driving organizational performance for businesses around the world.

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It’s undeniable that automation is changing organizations for the better. It’s proven itself again and again as a technology capable of revolutionizing the way people work and organizations run.

Leaders are recognizing it as a strategic asset, not just a smart way to optimize processes. In fact, 35%¹ of senior leaders say it’s a top investment priority with many benefits beyond just improving efficiency.

Benefits include powerful business outcomes such as:

  • Cost transformation

  • Profitable growth

  • Managed risk and maximized compliance

  • Improved customer experience and increased employee engagement

This white paper is packed with case studies and statistics. As an example, UK’s Royal Mail Group, a customer since 2017, invested in automation, generating £22.4 million in additional revenues.²

Next time automation comes up in a meeting or board discussion, it might be useful to have a copy of the white paper on hand, should you need to illustrate the far-reaching business outcomes automation can have.

Right off the bat, UiPath and Xerox collaborated heavily on some complex, high value use cases. Those initial wins quickly changed the narrative about the value of RPA within Xerox.

Steve Miller • Chief Digital Officer, Xerox

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