Web Replay is being discontinued.

Thank you ALL for your great support during almost 9 years!


Web Replay is no longer getting updates.

We started Web Replay journey back in 2005 when password management was really a painful task but our goal was much more ambitious: to bring web automation to consumer. Not sure how much we succeed in bringing automation to consumer or if it is a viable idea overall but we know for sure that all of you loved Web Replay.

Since 2005 the browser landscape changed a lot. All major browsers come with integrated password managers and synchronize your data across all devices. We do not believe anymore that password management is a product, it is a feature of a modern browser.

Web Replay might be discontinued but surely Deskover is not. We learnt a lot about automation during the development of Web Replay and gathered all our expertise in a fresh new professional automation software, UiPath.

Frequently-asked questions:

1. What will happen to my Web Replay?

Your Web Replay is still going to work but without receiving any updates. Currently the only supported major browser is IE11.

2. How can I export my passwords?

In order to export your passwords go to Management Studio, click Logins link, then Print list button and you can save your data in a html file or print it.

3. Do you recommend a replacement?

We are big fans of Chrome built in password manager.

4. I actually used Web Replay for automation. What can I do?

We have good news for you. Our new product, UiPath, is better in any regard.


  Product discontinued

  This product is no longer for sale. 



Are you interested in an automation solution? We have a new product!



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