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Our high-stakes RPA Certification program enables you to join a growing community of qualified knowledge professionals who design and deliver high-value, high-impact RPA solutions across the industries.

UiPath Certifications for All RPA Roles!

  • General Track is for anyone who works with the UiPath RPA platform and requires strong foundational technical knowledge and skills

  • RPA Developer Track assesses deeper-level expertise in designing and developing complex RPA solutions.

    If you are an experienced RPA Developer, you may skip the Associate level.


UiPath Certified RPA Associate (UiRPA)

  • Assesses your problem solving and process identification skills

  • Tests your ability to build simple automation solutions

  • Is suitable for any RPA role including Junior RPA Developers, RPA Architects, Solution Architects, Business Analysts college graduates, and others

  • UiRPA is a first step for professionals who want to build and assess their knowledge and skills towards their journey to become Advanced RPA Developers, Solution Architects or RPA Architects


UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD)

  • Assesses a deeper-level RPA expertise covering the Robotic Enterprise Framework, and your ability to build complex and efficient RPA solutions independently

  • We recommend that candidates have 6+ months of working experience in developing RPA solutions

  • UiARD is for more technical RPA roles such as Advanced RPA Developers, Solution Architects, RPA Architects and others


Your path to a UiPath RPA Certification

Get certified in 5 easy steps:

Select exam

Choose which exam is right for you:

→ RPA Associate Exam details → Advanced RPA Developer Exam details


Take free online practice tests to ensure you are ready to take the proctored exam:

→ RPA Associate Exam Practice → Advanced RPA Developer Exam Practice

Take exam

Schedule and take your exam in a test center or remotely via OnVUE: 

→ Schedule your exam today

Register with Pearson VUE, pay for your exam or use a pre-paid voucher.

→ Buy Pre-paid Exam Vouchers

Purchase vouchers to be redeemed at the time of scheduling an exam.

RPA Associate Exam: US$ 150/ 90 Minutes 

Advanced RPA Developer Exam: US$ 200/120 Minutes 

Manage Certifications

Manage your credentials, and share your digital badges

→ UiPath Certification Manager (CertMetrics)

Read key policies and legacy UiPath Certification information

Key program policies

Your credentials in the new UiPath Certified Professional program will not expire, but we encourage you to keep up to date with the latest product functionality to stay competitive.

Please review the detailedProgram Policies andCandidate Agreement document. You will be required to accept the terms before taking the exam. You may also want to review Pearson VUE’s exam-taking policies.

Legacy UiPath Certification

Any UiPath RPA Developer Advanced certification (from our previous program) is valid until 30 April 2021.

Find out about special discounts or exam fee reimbursement

Purchasing vouchers in bulk

Vouchers are prepaid exam fees that allow managers to plan and drive UiPath Certifications for their teams. If you require 100+ vouchers, please contact us for a special discount.

Student discount for Academic Alliance

Students of Academic Alliance partner institutions are eligible for a 50% discount of the exam fee. If you are an educator, please contact us for student discount vouchers

US Military – Refund of exam fee

The cost of the UiPath certification exams can be reimbursed by US veterans under the GI Bill, Chapter 31. For more information, followthis link Read the FAQ for more info

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions and learn important details about the program, framework, tracks, exam fees, and processes.

Read the FAQ

Lead the future of work with a UiPath RPA Certification

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