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Automation skills for the workforce of today and tomorrow

We work with leading schools and workforce development organizations to equip students and professionals with the skills they need for an automated world.

Academic Alliance - Opening paths to exciting automation careers​

Together we are

  • Instituting automation as a new discipline and differentiator

  • Opening paths to exciting automation careers​


We partner with

Higher education institutions:

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Community / vocational colleges

Workforce development organizations:

  • Governments

  • Professional bodies / associations

  • Not-for-profit training organizations

We promise you


Great curricula

Specially designed and developed automation curricula


Free software

UiPath software for all enrolled students and educators


Promotional support

Customizable promotion assets for you to promote and create automation awareness among your students


Industry-leading certification

Increase credibility, career marketability, and recognition of your students via the prestigious UiPath Certification

A Robot for Every Student

Your students can:

  • Build robotic assistants to work faster and smarter, conduct research more easily, find financial aid, or even automate a job hunt

  • Create their own startup with automation at its heart

  • Help the university automate manual processes

  • Develop in-demand automation skills for a rewarding future

JOb Connection

Job connection

Student recruitment - Kelly Arc (U.S. only)

UiPath and Kelly Services have initiated a collaborative endeavor to construct a framework that facilitates the interaction of learners from the UiPath Academy, Academic Alliance, Certification, Community, and beyond with our customers and partners.

Kelly Arc, the future of job hunting for automation professionals, is the place to find the best automation roles for your life and career, giving you access to an extensive network of automation opportunities, pre-vetted by Kelly experts. Start your journey towards success with complete visibility throughout the job search and application process.

They have partnered with us to launch a platform specifically for automation skills so individuals can find careers in automation. Companies can utilize the tool to recruit AI and automation talent using their AI matching technology, supported by Kelly recruitment experts.

Explore Kelly Arc
UiPath Visionary Educators

Rewards and recognition

Visionary educator:

  • Meet this year’s distinguished educators who have gone above and beyond to prepare their students for the future of work

  • Learn from their initiatives and experience to create a positive impact on society

2024 UiPath India Academic Alliance awards:

  • These awards recognize outstanding achievements of top institutions, educators, organizations, and individuals who have made a significant impact on India's automation landscape.

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Become a UiPath Certified Professional

Students and educators are provided with all necessary training and resources for free to help them prepare and successfully achieve UiPath Certification.

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