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Insider Preview Program

We’re in this together, you speak, and we listen.

Benefits of the program

As an Insider, you get access to early builds of new features and updates – an exclusive opportunity to give feedback on our latest innovations.



Maximize feedback impact

  • Your feedback reaches the Product Engineering team to influence and shape the product roadmap.
  • Your real-world use cases will drive our product validation, providing you a seamless experience with upgrade and new feature roll-out.

Preparation for the future

  • Early access to new product capabilities allows you to best plan your resources and RPA roadmap.
  • Deploy faster with more confidence by getting a head start on your validation process.

Enjoy the spotlight

  • We will showcase influential Insider stories at our global events, attended by leading enterprises.
  • We may feature you in our Community Spotlight highlighting your real-world use-case.

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