The UiPath RPA Platform: Build Capacity and Speed for California Government

Vaccine distribution. Modernizing systems. Responding to an unprecedented pandemic. With every challenge, CIOs need to drive speed, accuracy, security, and the best outcome and experience for citizens. Many states embraced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the onset of COVID-19 to get more done fast, securely and accurately with existing resources. From addressing a mounting backlog during the pandemic to creating a digital mailroom, UiPath's RPA platform is a necessity in public sector to do more and to do better for citizens.

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Covid-19: From Response to Vaccine Distribution to Addressing What’s Next


California DMV and Cleveland Clinic Rely on RPA

California DMV and Cleveland Clinic use UiPath to continue operations, better serve citizens, and improve employee experience.

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Amazon Connect: COVID Follow-up

Automate follow-up with vaccine recipients so that workers can focus on serving citizens.

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6 Ways RPA Can Help With Vaccine Distribution

Healthcare organizations are looking at RPA to support the human workforce that will be responsible to vaccinate whole community populations.

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Building capacity to drive better outcomes for citizens and employees


California’s Excess Insurance Authority’s first digital employee.

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NASA & RPA: From Outerspace to the Office Space. Automation Delivers Better Government.

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Spoiler Alert: RPA Does Not Eliminate Jobs.

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Drive AI Adoption through RPA


AI boosts RPA’s performance.

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The IRS, DHS, DOD, and Palm Beach County Florida drive AI adoption through RPA

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AI and RPA work together to address healthcare delivery.

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Healthcare Interoperability RPA Azure App

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Democratizing RPA through Training

We believe in a Robot for Every Person. That’s why we make training accessible whether you are using RPA for day-to-day operations or are a trained engineer. Access our complete list of self-directed online training or instructor led.

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