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AI and RPA—transformative on their own, even more powerful together

By themselves, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are two of the most transformative technologies the world has ever known. But bringing AI and RPA together unleashes even more of their potential.

Adding AI to RPA opens up almost limitless opportunities to automate intelligent cognitive processes—driving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to new heights.

Using RPA as a simple, scalable, and secure way to insert AI into decisions and processes radically reduces AI execution time and effort, and exponentially accelerates its impact.

AI and RPA—technology’s new power couple.



size of AI global market by 2026 — Forbes


RPA expansion to AI by 2022 — Gartner


productivity growth by 2030 — PwC Research

Enter a new level of automation by supercharging robots with AI skills

Enable your robots' superpowers by giving them advanced AI skills that let them process unstructured data, recognize speech, or apply machine learning models and NLP.

That way, they’ll be able to leap from automating repetitive processes to automating cognitive ones. From powering chatbots to process mining, from task mining to document understanding—and far beyond.

Automate a limitless array of cognitive processes

AI + RPA expands automation use cases exponentially

Handle processes with uncertain outcomes? Certainly.

Use an AI-skilled robot to apply ML models so you can handle:

  • Property valuation

  • Loan default prediction

  • Inventory forecasting

Use robots for highly variable processes? Reliably.

Move from ‘black-and-white’ into ‘shades-of-gray’ processes, including:

  • Resume matching

  • Purchase decisions

  • Language translation

Enter unstructured data territory? Definitely.

Let a robot work with ”messy” data in any form to accomplish things like:

  • Invoice extraction

  • Email routing

  • Speech to text

Losing the “last mile” battle in scaling AI? Use RPA to go the distance.

Over three-quarters of executives say they’re having trouble scaling AI across their organizations.

RPA can flip that equation by enabling secure, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage AI deployment.

76% of executives who say they’re “struggling” to scale AI.

RPA makes AI easier for everyone


Business leaders: accelerate your AI transformation

Increase the velocity and impact of AI initiatives. Validate predictions and handle exceptions while staying secure and compliant.


RPA developers & CoE: expand the reach and impact of automation

Automate complex, cognitive processes—no data science background required. Train, deploy, and continuously improve ML models.


Data scientists: put model deployment on a glidepath

Spend less time on ML Ops and more time on science. Know where your models are being used, and how they are doing.

Capture the full range of AI + RPA benefits with the UiPath Platform

Discover: Scientifically identify automation opportunities

  • Process Mining

  • Task Mining

Build: Teach your robots new AI skills

  • Document Understanding

  • AI Computer Vision

  • Conversational Understanding

  • Custom Skills

  • Ecosystem Skills

Apply, scale, and manage AI

  • AI Center

  • Action Center

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Daniel Dines, CEO UiPath

The potential of automation is vast. We believe the power of AI can make it almost limitless. And so, we’ve built AI into every part of the UiPath Platform.

Daniel Dines

CEO, UiPath

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