Health and Safety

This information may evolve. Check back for the latest.

UiPath Health and Safety General Conference Policy

As vaccination programs continue to rapidly accelerate in many countries around the world, we are excited to welcome you back, in person, to UiPath conferences this year and beyond.

UiPath will hold in-person conferences only in locations that meet our health and safety criteria to help ensure the well-being of attendees, exhibitors, partners and our employees. These criteria include adhering to national government and health agency guidelines in countries where the vaccine is readily available to the majority of the population, in addition to taking all practical actions on-site. We also seek venues that support substantial interaction outdoors and in wide open spaces. We will hold venues to the highest expectations for hand sanitizer stations, ventilation and continuous cleaning.

UiPath Together Amsterdam Health Measures

We are taking steps to allay fears, increase confidence and ensure our “tribe” feels comfortable and safe throughout our event experience at Together Amsterdam. The following are examples in our planning efforts:

  • We have limited the capacity of our Keynote Theatre which has a seating capacity of 700; we are planning for only 400 seats.
  • We will be abiding by The Netherlands guidelines and laws.

UiPath has already embarked on extraordinary changes to adapt Together Amsterdam to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We will continue using common sense steps to ensure the comfort, confidence and safety of the UiPath tribe at Together Amsterdam. We fully expect our steps will exceed recommendations and compliance requirements at the time of our event.


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