Building More Capacity and Speed to Improve the Lives of Citizens

Healthcare, compliance, technology modernization, delivery of services to citizens, and beyond – the uses of RPA and AI to increase speed, drive accuracy, and build capacity are endless. As the automation leader for federal, state, and local government, UiPath increases capacity and speed, enabling public sector employees to focus on the mission and improving the lives of citizens.

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Security at the highest level

UiPath’s Platform is trusted by 79+ Federal agencies, 11+ States, and thousands of commercial customers, and we hold the highest level of Veracode Verified Accreditation. Robots are programmed by humans, managed through access control, and governed within the UiPath platform. They are fully auditable, transparent, and traceable.


Easy Adoption Through Training for Non-Technical and Technical Users

We believe in Democratizing RPA so that everyone can benefit. That is why we make training accessible whether you will use RPA for day-to-day operations or are a trained engineer. Access self-directed online courses or instructor led.

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Employee Approved

The UiPath platform allows employees to get more satisfaction from doing higher value work and giving the repetitive, mundane work to software robots. UiPath training “upskills” workers, helping to enrich and accelerate their careers. See how employees embrace digital assistants.

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Speeds Up Technology Modernization and Jumpstarts Digital Transformation

UiPath’s software robots move large amounts of data securely from legacy systems to new, reducing the time, cost, and effort of modernization. We saw Covid-19 accelerate the use of UiPath RPA and put agencies on the path to digital transformation.

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Helps Operationalize and Drive Adoption of AI

RPA provides a practical, actionable, and effective use case for AI. Applying AI to RPA as part of the UiPath Platform, accelerates the performance of automation – building more workforce capacity, speed, and accuracy.

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AI In Public Sector

Governmental institutions have long been under pressure to provide fast, efficient, and effective services. Learn from Federal, State, and Local agencies about how they use RPA to Operationalize AI.

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Why UiPath?

We help you make automation happen

The results are in: For the third consecutive year, UiPath was placed highest in the Leaders’ quadrant for ability to execute.

As companies around the world prioritize automation initiatives to become more agile and resilient, we will continue to make bold moves in building an easy-to-use, enterprise-ready platform that can grow with you and your automation journey.

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