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Product Lifecycle

UiPath RPA Platform

Version Release Date Support Model Supported Patch Version End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
2019 Fast Track (2019.4) April 25th 2019 FTS UiPath v2019.4.4 October 25th 2019  April 25th 2020
2018.4 December 12th 2018 LTS UiPath v2018.4.6 December 12th 2020  December 12th 2021
2018.3 October 22nd 2018 FTS UiPath v2018.3.3 March 12th 2019 June 12th 2019
2018.2 June 20th 2018 FTS UiPath v2018.2.6 January 22nd 2019 April 22nd 2019
2018.1 January 29th 2018 FTS UiPath v2018.1.7 September 20th 2018 December 20th 2018
2017.1 August 14th 2017 FTS UiPath v2017.1.6682 December 12th 2018 March 12th 2019
2016.2 November 17th 2016 LTS UiPath v2016.2.6655 December 12th 2019 March 12th 2020
2016.1 May 12th 2016 FTS UiPath v2016.1.6200 August 15th 2017 NA
Mainstream Support Extended Support Out of Support

The Support Model is applicable beginning with the release of UiPath RPA Platform v2018.4.

For prior versions the relevant support terms remain applicable in accordance with the Agreement for the licensing of the UiPath RPA Platform.


Activity packs are designated as either FTS or LTS versions, as listed in the activities support table below.
Support for activity packs not designated yet as FTS or LTS consists in responses to, diagnosis and rectification of Incidents and Service Requests as described in the UiPath Support Terms. Improvements will be provided only in the next FTS or LTS version, as indicated by UiPath.

Activity Pack 19.4.4 18.4.6 Distribution Channels
UiPath.AIComputerVision.Activities 1.1.0 n/a Official feed
UiPath.SAP.Bapi.Activities 1.2.0 1.0.0  
UiPath.GSuite.Activities 1.1.0 n/a  
Activity Pack 19.4.4 18.4.6 Distribution Channels
UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.5.4 2.5.1 *.MSI Installers & Official feed
UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.4.1 1.3.0  
UiPath.System.Activities 19.4.1 18.4.2  
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 19.4.2 18.4.5  
UiPath.Cognitive.Activities 2.2.2 2.2.0  
UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities 2.0.1 1.3.0  
UiPath.PDF.Activities 2.0.1 1.3.0  
UiPath.Terminal.Activities 1.3.2 1.3.0  
UiPath.Web.Activities 1.4.2 1.3.0  
UiPath.Word.Activities 1.3.2 1.3.0  

Note: Activity packs released & published on official feed between enterprise releases are supported and will inherit the support model of the upcoming enterprise release, regardless of the distribution channel (.msi or official feed). The list of activity packs available on official feed can be found here.

Support Model

UiPath produces Fast Track Support (FTS) and Long Term Support (LTS) releases of the UiPath RPA Platform:

Support Model Mainstream Support* Extended Support
FTS  6 months from the release date 6 months from the end of Product Support
LTS  24 months from the release date 12 months from the end of Product Support

* Fixes that imply Orchestrator database changes will be done exclusively on the latest released version.

  • LTS versions include product features requiring fewer updates over a longer product lifetime.
  • FTS versions include new features that may undergo future changes based on feedback or as otherwise decided by UiPath. FTS versions give the Customer access to the latest features issued by UiPath. Customer needs to upgrade the UiPath RPA Platform more often in order to continue receiving support.

For each released version UiPath delivers cumulative updates, in accordance with the Support Model as described above.