Nieuwegein | May 27, 2024 | Location: Theater De Kom

AI-Powered Automation Summit Benelux

Join us for a day of inspiration and innovation as we explore the latest advancements in AI and automation. Hear from Benelux customers across various industries and discover how AI-Powered automation is revolutionizing their businesses. Don't miss the largest automation conference in Benelux!



How to turn AI potential into AI results with Automation…

AI-Powered Automation Summit is a day of inspiration and opportunities for UiPath customers, partners, and individuals to discuss experiences, ideas, and best practices with other automation leaders, business owners and UiPath senior executives.
Learn how:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are easily brought into workflows, analysis, and decisions, delivering AI into every facet of business operations. Bringing AI and automation together represents an enormous opportunity to turn AI potential into AI results.
  • UiPath customers drive ROI by automating extensive parts of their businesses
  • The UiPath Business Automation Platform forms the connective conduit for systems, software, and applications, enabling it all to seamlessly work together, benefitting every business

At the end of the event, you’ll leave inspired by the customer stories and AI experts you’ve heard. You’ll have the chance to network with automation peers for real-world examples of how AI-Powered automation fuels tangible innovation (beyond simple task automation).


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Location: Theater De Kom

The AI-Powered Automation Summit is conveniently located in Nieuwegein with convenient reach from the whole of Benelux.

Expo and networking

Visit our Expo area represented by our sponsoring partners, all ready to meet you for fruitful discussions and demos. Additionally our UiPath technical engineers will be present at the UiPath booth.
*Images from the Automation Summit Copenhagen May 2023


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You’re in for a treat. UiPath Together unites the pioneers of RPA. And they learn. And they laugh. And they eat. And they come home with their pockets stuffed full of ideas and new connections.


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