#UiPathTogether Beijing Event Pack

Digital transformation knows no boundaries, especially when put next to accelerated economic growth. As a result, reform is crucial for organizations that want to have the upper hand in their specific industries, and it starts from aligning strategy with the countless solutions that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has to offer, in its current expansion on the path to AI.



Make sure you’re up to date with the multiple tactics of automation on this very specific market, as well as valuable thought leadership from #UiPathTogether Beijing  - get the Event Pack, which includes all presentations, videos, and plenty more, as seen, heard and talked about on site.

为确保您在这个非常具体的市场上了解自动化的多种策略,以及#UiPathTogether北京的宝贵前瞻思想 - 获取活动礼包,其中包括所有演示文稿,视频等等,更多如现场看到、听到和谈论的信息。


Get the Event Pack now and prepare for Automation First: