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RPA ディベロッパー向け Advanced 資格

What are the benefits?

You’re a member of the world’s leading RPA Community
Connect with the largest RPA Community for support and improvement, career growth, and collaboration opportunities.

You’re a certified RPA developer
Automation skills are becoming essential on the labour market, and the UiPath RPA Certification weighs in as a great differentiator in this emerging industry.

You’re up-to-date with the latest technologies
Robotic Process Automation is one of the leading technologies nowadays, and yes, it’s here to stay. Join the automation journey in its early steps!

Can I apply for the certification?

The RPA Developer Advanced Certification is now available for Freelancers and to the UiPath Customers and Partners, as well.

How do I start?

Apply here to get your FREE Certification. 

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites if you are already working on project implementation with UiPath.

If UiPath is new to you, we strongly recommend completing the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan (Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced trainings and REFramework knowledge) before applying for the certification. Click here and start right away.  

How does the process work?

The exam is held entirely online, through the UiPath Certification Platform, developed and supported by UiPath. Its login is based on the UiPath Academy Single-Sign-On (SSO).

The certification exam has 2 phases:

Phase I - Theoretical exam (Quiz)

You can take the quiz anytime. After you comply with the Legal & Payment terms, you have 90 minutes at your disposal to answer 45 multiple answer questions, with a minimum passing score of 70%. You have three attempts to pass the quiz, otherwise a new payment will be required. Keep in mind that you have to wait 24H before attempting to take the quiz again. For each additional attempt, a number of points will be deducted from your score.

Phase II - Practical exam

Once you have passed your theoretical exam, you can enrol for the practical one at any time, by starting your own session, which doesn’t require any supervision.

You have 3h30m at your disposal to solve the exercise displayed, with a minimum passing score of 70%. Keep in mind that there are only three attempts to pass the practical exam, otherwise a new voucher will be required. For each additional attempt, a number of points will be deducted from your score. Last but not least, you have to wait 24H before attempting to take the exam again.

The exam consists of one exercise, with automatic randomization enabled. Before the session ends, the user will have to upload the workflow to UiPath Certification Platform. The evaluation will be done automatically in background, based on criteria configured by UiPath. The waiting period time is 5 minutes.

You will become certified only if you pass both phases, and will be able to view and download your certificate directly from the platform. For tracking purposes, each certificate will have a unique identification number attached. You will receive a short survey that will help us gather feedback on your certification experience before viewing your certificate.

How long is the certification valid?

The RPA Developer Advanced Certification is valid for 1 year, with the expiry date displayed on the certificate.

What’s next?

Sky’s the limit! Once you are certified, we want to make sure you have everything you need to start automating successfully, so we encourage you to access our platforms for automation jobs, related events, and sharing ideas with other Community members.

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