Microsoft helps you run your enterprise. And UiPath helps you automate it.

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From the user desktop to the back office, businesses rely on Microsoft for the solutions, services, and infrastructure to innovate, calculate, communicate, and thrive. With UiPath, businesses like yours can build on that world-class portfolio to automate manual tasks, streamline the flow of information, and break down the barriers that keep your business from running at its best.

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Collaborating to deliver the fully automated enterprise™.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to help make your plans for digital transformation a reality. By using UiPath Solutions to automate the processes and tasks with Microsoft at their core, you’re on your way to becoming a fully automated enterprise™. Discover more about this collaboration of two industry leaders.






Business Applications


IT Automation


Azure: Data and AI



Transform your world of work. Starting with the people who do it.

What happens when you combine UiPath automation with the Microsoft tools you use every day to do your job?

You eliminate the tedious, mundane, and time-consuming tasks that slow you down. You can focus on the work that matters. You have more time to solve problems, think creatively, and put great ideas into practice.

UiPath and Office

Personal productivity just got more productive.

Put a UiPath Robot to work on the manual and repetitive tasks involving the spreadsheets, documents, and emails on your to-do list, so you can concentrate on the creative and challenging aspects of your job.

UiPath and Teams

Work together, better.

Break down the barriers to faster, more effective collaboration by automating some of the most commonly performed tasks in Microsoft Teams. Let your UiPath Robots tackle items like onboarding, notifications, and answering common questions.

UiPath and Dynamics

Get back to the business that matters.

Microsoft Business Applications can help you coordinate effort and resources across your enterprise, so every team, department, and location can think and act as one. With UiPath, you can automate the tasks to improve service, streamline operations, and get information into the hands of decision makers sooner. It’s the perfect combination.

Put IT back in the driver’s seat.

UiPath and Microsoft Infrastructure

Turn IT into a creative force for your business.

Together, UiPath and Microsoft create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. You can automate repetitive tasks around maintenance, workforce support, security, and the employee and customer experiences — and free IT to be the engine of innovation within the enterprise.

UiPath and Azure Data and AI

Accelerate your time-to-insight.

Your organization has potentially transformative insights for your business, all locked up in formats that are not easily accessible. With UiPath and Azure AI solutions you can automate the extraction and processing that are the catalyst for the “aha moments” hidden in your data.

UiPath and Azure

Ready. Set. Grow. 

UiPath can automate a lot of the “care and feeding” of your Azure Cloud deployment and give you greater flexibility to scale your infrastructure as your needs grow. Your IT team spends less time on the day-to-day details, so they can focus more on the big picture.

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