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UiPath ESG - Environmental, social, and governance

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is about driving business growth while building a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical future for the world.

Better doesn’t start with automation. It starts with the people who harness this technology to better use the world’s resources, design better for health and resilience, and create better work.

Better starts with you, wherever you are, and whenever you’re ready. That’s what we’re continuing to work towards at UiPath: building an automation platform for real-world impact that encourages better outcomes and a better society.

See where we started. Read the 2021 UiPath Impact Report.

Daniel Dines, CEO UiPath

We believe that we can accelerate human achievement through the transformative power of automation. UiPath is committed to building a multi-generational, purpose-driven business that minimizes our environmental impact on the planet and creates long-term value for our employees, shareholders, customers, partners, and communities.

Daniel Dines

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, UiPath

ESG Leveraging Automation for Good

Leveraging Automation for Good

Automation offers a practical path to achieving goals that create positive outcomes for organizations, students and educators, the workforce, and society as a whole.

Empowering people and communities

Automation can make work more inclusive, accessible, and rewarding. We support our employees and communities in creating opportunities for everyone.

An entire automation community awaits! Learn new skills, ask questions, and network with experts.

uipath environmental social governance report 2021
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UiPath 2021 Impact Report

We know that accountability drives action. The UiPath 2021 Impact Report provides greater transparency and metrics related to our environmental sustainability efforts, corporate governance, pay equity, and more.

uipath esg empowering people and communities

Protecting our environment

We take action to minimize our impact on the environment and support the development of innovative solutions that address environmental challenges both at UiPath and with our customers. We strive to create a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Fostering good governance

We are committed to promoting and maintaining an ethical workplace, protecting our customers’ data, managing risks, and building ongoing stakeholder value through the practice of good governance and oversight.

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