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Transform automated testing for your software, automations, and QA teams with Test Suite: the resilient testing solution powered by the UiPath Business Automation Platform. Unlock enterprise-wide, production-grade, and AI-powered test automation capabilities to deliver automations and applications quickly and continuously at scale.

Elevate your automated enterprise testing experience with the power of the UiPath Business Automation Platform

Find and fix automation and application issues before they impact production systems to reduce operational and business risks faster at lower costs. 

Create a simpler, smoother, and more productive testing experience by empowering your test teams with all the tools they need to manage, automate, distribute, and execute their work: Test Manager, Studio, Orchestrator, and Test Robots. 

UiPath Test Suite: Test Manager Overview

Proactively manage quality to prevent production disruptions with UiPath Test Manager

Kickstart the testing process by planning and monitoring tests for any of your automations, applications, or environments. With full requirements traceability and visual logging, Test Manager enables you to rapidly triage any defects.   

Integrate your existing tool stack with UiPath automation capabilities, as well as 60+ different lifecycle solutions, with Test Manager Connect.

Plus, you can streamline your automated testing with adaptive text execution. Create test sets triggered by application or automation changes for more flexibility in planning and execution.

Learn more about UiPath Test Manager
Automate tests in UiPath Studio Pro

Build resilient automations faster with UiPath Studio

Whether you’re testing RPA workflows, web apps, SAP®, Citrix, or mobile, Studio has you covered with its low-code interface, synthetic test data generation, and hundreds of prebuilt activities.

Learn more about UiPath Studio
UiPath Test Suite: Execution Orchestration

Continuously test to uncover and fix underlying issues with UiPath Orchestrator

With Orchestrator, our automation control center, you can easily organize, schedule, store dynamic test data, and analyze detailed results for test execution. It's Veracode certified and integrates into your DevOps toolchain. 

Learn more about UiPath Orchestrator
Get test robots to execute tests

Deploy test robots to execute tests on-demand, continuously, and at scale

Build a team of dedicated test robots to run tests, perform common tasks, and report back to you at any time.

Learn more about UiPath test robots

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"Thanks to the enhanced speed of test case automation and platform flexibility, we have automated 93% of our regression testing in only six months.”

Manas Rath

Architect, Cisco

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White paper

Five Ways to Drive Your Digital Testing Strategy to the Future

Download this e-book to discover the five ways in which you can equip your team for success in digital testing with production-grade, automated testing capabilities.

Create a "win-win-win" situation for your teams 

Quickly and continuously infuse quality into your applications and automations to accelerate the delivery of business value across all functions and departments.

UiPath Test Suite: Why RPA Testing is worth your time

RPA developers: deploy automations with more confidence than ever before

Detect and resolve automation glitches at lightning speed before they hit production to deploy with confidence: 

  • Automatically generate test data for your automations to speed up test case creation and increase coverage for data-driven testing 

  • Instantly understand performance bottlenecks and test coverage of your automations with Activity Coverage and Performance Profiler 

  • Mock activities of your automations during test execution

  • Perform automatic code reviews of your automations with Workflow Analyzer

  • Surface valuable and actionable quality insights of your automations with Test Manager

  • Integrate testing into the CI/CD pipeline of other teams to avoid application and environment changes breaking your automation in production  

Test teams: let the robots manage the monotony

Application testing teams: Automate more and faster. Forget the maintenance.

Effortlessly automate, execute, and manage tests across virtually any technology without worrying about maintenance: 

  • Build resilient test automation for any UI and API of modern applications and enterprise applications

  • Boost testing time with cloud-based, distributed test execution in Orchestrator that fully integrates into your CI/CD (DevOps) pipeline 

  • Use AI-powered tools for test discovery and production-grade tools for resilient end-to-end test automation 

  • Support migrations and upgrades with enterprise-grade test automation, test execution, and test management capabilities  

  • Scope testing around changes made in SAP with Change Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Get valuable insights into your applications through Test Manager and Insights 

Transformation leaders: create a world-class automation practice

Transformation leaders: Streamline and accelerate value delivery at scale

Leverage the skills of your workforce to accelerate value delivery across all functions and departments by using one platform to: 

  • Save tooling and training costs with a single platform for test automation in software development, IT process automation in IT operations, and business process automation in business departments 

  • Add more flexibility to your resource allocation through enabling your teams to share automation skills

  • Boost automation development and reduce automation maintenance through enabling your teams to share and reuse automation components

  • Automate the standardization of organizational processes and workflows

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Best of Test

We've gathered the best of test talks to help you learn how resilient automation can streamline, simplify, and scale your testing—helping you deliver better software experiences, faster and more seamlessly than ever.

Enhance SAP Quality with UiPath Test Suite

The SAP environment is complex and always changing. To maintain workflows, develop reliable, innovative software, and sustain a scalable automation program, you need to engage in continuous testing. 

UiPath Test Suite combines AI-powered automation capabilities with best-of-breed testing capabilities to provide a unified testing environment that’s efficient, easy to use, and shareable across different groups.

SAP Solution Manager Testing Hub

Let SAP Solution Manager serve as your testing hub

Thanks to integration with SAP Solution Manager, UiPath Test Suite lets you automate test cases across your whole enterprise landscape, including SAP and non-SAP applications.

You can execute test cases, exchange complex test data, and ensure the functionality of Business Process Change Analyzer with TBOM Recording for SAP automation projects. Plus, accurate reports in a consolidated view help you track your KPIs continuously.

Change impact analysis test manager

Scope testing around changes made with Change Impact Analysis for SAP

Using impact analysis, Change Impact Analysis identifies test cases that need to be executed so you can ensure you're testing the right things.

Equipped with this information, you can optimize tests, reduce testing efforts, understand the impact on business processes, and determine what needs to be tested. You'll be empowered to focus on specific test cases and adjust efforts on used functionality, instead of running your whole regression portfolio.

Put your migration to SAP S/4HANA on the fast track

From design and data preparation, to mapping structures, to testing... automating key steps in your SAP S/4HANA migration makes the process faster, smoother, more secure, and more compliant.

Plus, the robots and testing portfolio you use during initial implementation can be reused in later project waves and help you keep pace with ongoing SAP changes and updates.

Discover the automation potential for each phase of your migration

Discover the automation potential for each phase of your migration


PHASE 1: Preparation

Use discovery tools like Process Mining and Task Mining for accelerated process reengineering, documentation, and automation.


PHASE 2: Development

Support object mapping and customizations with ready-to-use accelerators and native integrations.


PHASE 3: Data Migration

Automate the migration results review, extract data from unstructured sources with AI, and validate the output.


PHASE 4: Testing

Leverage Change Impact Mining and Heatmap for SAP to prioritize your testing based on actual production usage. Reliably automate testing of any technology in your SAP ecosystem.


PHASE 5: Post-Migration

Deploy and manage AI-powered robots for greater productivity in SAP S/4HANA, and automate across SAP and non-SAP enterprise apps.

SAP S/4HANA Migration
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White paper

4 Strategies for Streamlining Your SAP S/4HANA Migration

Using a singular automation platform like the AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform can play a significant role in accelerating the delivery of the migration project, improving quality, increasing testing coverage, and reducing costs.

No matter your industry, you can fully maximize your automation capabilities with Test Suite and the entire UiPath Platform

  • Banking and Financial Services

    • Automate various testing, data migration, user training, and process optimization tasks during core banking system upgrades or migration projects to ensure quality and reliability of the system 

    • Automate and test more than 190 different user interface and API technologies 

    • Engage in automated functional, integration, and regression testing across mobile applications and web browsers 

    • Anonymize consumer and financial account test data for data-driven testing 

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  • Healthcare

    • Automate various testing, data migration, user training, and process optimization tasks during an electronic medical record upgrade or migration project to improve the efficiency of the upgrade and enhance the reliability of the system 

    • Automate and test more than 190 different user interface and API technologies, and use healthcare accelerators to automate a range of processes  

    • Use automation for processes that require interaction with virtualized or remote environments, such as Citrix, with UiPath automation capabilities 

    • Create anonymized patient test data for data-driven testing to protect patient privacy and comply with industry regulations 

    • Engage in test automation for the claims management process to reduce claims errors and increase member satisfaction 

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  • Insurance

    • Automate and test any application, including full application suites such as Guidewire, Duck Creek, and Oracle Insurance, and homegrown applications 

    • Modernize your tech stack with confidence, speed, and precision through using Test Suite to automate functional, performance, and regression testing 

    • Test conversation flows of chatbots to guarantee high-quality, accurate, and secure insurance services for your customers 

    • Ensure customer privacy and compliance with industry regulations with synthetic test data generation 

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  • Public Sector 

    • Use one platform to test any modern or legacy application, including financial management systems, human resources management systems, customer relationships management systems, geographic information systems, learning management systems, and electronic health records 

    • Automate the post-patch application testing process to ensure compliance with regulations and policies  

    • Synthetically generate data for secure data-driven testing to improve testing efficiency and ensure compliance with industry regulations 

    • Easily automate and test applications with the intuitive UiPath interface to maximize efficiency and minimize resource usage  

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  • Manufacturing

    • Leverage a comprehensive and integrated approach for cloud migration for a wide range of applications, including critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

    • Test 190+ target applications, both modern and legacy, to ensure smooth interactions across the manufacturing ecosystem

    • Use robust AI Vision capabilities for industrial modeling and automation software to streamline and automate functional, integration, and regression testing across industrial applications

    • Improve testing efficiency and ensure industry regulation compliance with synthetic test data generation to mimic real-world scenarios without disrupting actual production processes

    • Maximize efficiency with the UiPath Academy, the UiPath Community Forum, and the UiPath Marketplace

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  • Retail

    • Use a single tool for automating diverse, complex application landscapes to enhance reliability and performance, provide customers with a smooth shopping experience , and streamline operations with reduced costs

    • Leverage the power of UiPath Test Suite combined with UiPath Action Center to streamline user acceptance testing, reduce navigation errors, and accelerate testing timelines

    • Automate functional, integration, and regression testing across remote mobile devices and web browsers for Point-of-Sale systems

    • Reduce customer data risk by synthetically generating realistic consumer data for dynamic data-driven testing

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Ensure masked and secure customer financial data with Test Suite:

  • Automate various testing, data migration, user training, and process optimization tasks during core banking system upgrades or migration projects to ensure quality and reliability of the system 

  • Automate and test more than 190 different user interface and API technologies 

  • Engage in automated functional, integration, and regression testing across mobile applications and web browsers 

  • Anonymize consumer and financial account test data for data-driven testing 

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