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Nous sommes UiPath

Leaders dans l’Automatisation des Processus Robotiques

Nous concevons la plateforme d’automatisation la plus avancée de l’industrie. Entreprises de toutes tailles, acteurs BPO et entreprises de services partagés dans le monde entier utilisent notre logiciel leur fournissant de avantages concurrentiels exceptionnels en terme de qualité opérationnelle, de vitesse d'exécution et de coût.

Récompenses et reconnaissance

Les analystes leaders du secteur classent UiPath comme leader dans le domaine de la RPA.

  • Everest 2017

    Everest 2018

    ‘RPA Technology Leader’ & ‘Star Performer’, “Everest Group PEAK Matrix”, Q1 2018

  • Forrester 2017

    Forrester 2018

    ‘RPA industry leader’,“Forrester Wave™ Robotic Process Automation”, Q2 2018

  • HfS 2017s

    HfS 2017

    HfS 2017 RPA Blueprint

Nous pensons que le travail humain doit être créatif et source d’inspiration.

Nous encourageons les meilleurs esprits à contribuer aux progrès dans le domaine de la RPA. Quand nous avons lancé UiPath Community, la version gratuite, complète et extensible de notre outil d’automatisation, nous savions que le vrai potentiel pour l’innovation résiderait dans notre capacité à démocratiser la technologie RPA. Plus de 200.000 développeurs de tous rangs utilisent notre produit gratuitement et, de part leur passion, contribuent à son amélioration.

Pour aider ce pool de talents en pleine croissance, nous avons lancé UiPath Academy, la première plateforme de formation en ligne ouverte pour les utilisateurs de la RPA du monde entier. Tout le monde peut s’inscrire, apprendre et devenir un professionnel de l’automatisation. Les meilleures professions du futur sont nées aujourd’hui.

L’équipe de direction d’UiPath

  • Dines

    Daniel Dines
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    We’ve contributed to the creation of an industry from scratch. We did it by being relentless and exposing ourselves to uncertainty. This is how you build resilience.

  • marius_tirca

    Marius Tirca
    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Our secret weapon for building the best technology is no secret: we play a team sport, where everyone’s an A player, and we keep it open to level the field for everyone.

  • Ashim-Gupta-headshot-thumb

    Ashim Gupta
    Chief Customer and Partner Success Officer

    The potential for enterprise automation is only going to increase as the technology advances and matures. UiPath is at the forefront of this monumental change and I could not be more excited to lead our customers through their digital transformation journeys.

  • bobby patrick

    Bobby Patrick
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Digital business transformation begins with RPA. When humans and machines integrate in partnership, businesses will achieve substantially better outcomes.

  • Coenraad2

    Coenraad Van der Poel
    Managing Director Americas

    The fact that RPA inherently has immense untapped potential makes this such an exciting market for all of us to work in.

  • Craig-Bumpus-headshot-thumb

    Craig Bumpus
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Global Enterprises have continuously searched for a way to simultaneously increase their workforce’s efficiency, accuracy and productivity while creating an exponential ROI with a minimal TCO. UiPath exceeds all expectations.

  • Koichi

    Koichi Hasegawa
    CEO, Japan

    UiPath provides a game changing technology solution to enable digitalization and work reform. Reducing manual business efforts and digitalizing information are the goals we share with our clients.

  • Kulpreet Singh Photo

    Kulpreet Singh
    Managing Director EMEA

    Our endeavour is to unlock value for our clients through UiPath technology. If our clients succeed, we succeed. It is a partnership that we are building, one client at a time.

  • marie-myers-square

    Marie Myers
    Chief Financial Officer

    Ideas power automation. With RPA, every employee can now engage in digital transformation and deliver results. It becomes contagious. Everyone wins.

  • marius-istrate

    Marius Istrate
    Chief People Officer

    UiPath has always been a people first company: we treat our customers, partners, employees, suppliers and investors as people.

  • Mihai Faur Corporate Controller

    Mihai Faur
    Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer

    As a supportive role, the Finance function must adapt and align its tools to the challenges brought by RPA. This will become essential in bringing business value, through improved quality of financial reporting and higher productivity.

  • Param_Kahlon__CRMUG_MSFT_Product_GS_Speaker

    Param Kahlon
    Chief Product Officer

    We live in very exciting times led by digital transformation. I am passionate about innovation that both amplifies human potential and drives sustainable growth.

  • raghu-2

    Raghu Subramanian
    CEO, India

    The point of innovative technology is to allow for ever higher degrees of human freedom. It’s an open-ended game, with no fixed sequence of challenges and no limit to rewards.

  • Vargha-Moyed-headshot-thumb

    Vargha Moayed
    Chief Strategy Officer

    We are a modest but essential piece of the puzzle that is taking humanity to new uncharted territories whereby increased automation will become ubiquitous. It is humbling and exciting to contribute to this journey.

  • Vijay's Headshot

    Vijay Khanna
    Chief Corporate Development Officer

    We are at the vanguard of a true paradigm shift in enterprise technology. Our leading enterprise RPA platform and team boast the unique opportunity and privilege to dramatically drive our customers’ productivity and change the way businesses operate across all industries.

See the management teams by region

  • Venu

    Venu Kannan
    Chief Solution Officer

  • Boris

    Boris Krumrey
    Chief Robotics Officer

  • Guy

    Guy Kirkwood
    Chief Evangelist

  • Dhruv Asher

    Dhruv Asher
    Senior Vice President, Business Development

  • Janette Hausler

    Janette Hausler
    Vice President, Partner Marketing

  • Brandon Nott

    Brandon Nott
    VP of Customer Success

  • ana cinca - about us

    Ana Cinca
    Vice President Enabling Technologies

  • nicoleta

    Nicolas Baghdadi
    Head of Global Marketing Operations

  • bogdan-ripa

    Bogdan Ripa
    Head of Product

  • Mike-Giesler

    Mike Giesler
    Vice President, Strategic Alliances

  • Paul-Ross

    Paul Ross
    Global Vice President of Sales Operations

  • CMorgan

    Christopher Morgan
    Global Vice President, Partners and Alliances

  • Manish-Bharathi

    Manish Bharti
    SVP, Global Enterprise Accounts

  • alex-mihailciuc

    Alex Mihailciuc
    Head of Pre-Sales

  • Mary_20Tetlow

    Mary Tetlow
    Vice President Global Brand

  • diego lomanto

    Diego Lomanto
    Vice President Product Marketing

  • razvan-pana

    Gabriel Pana
    Vice President, Energy, Telecom and Manufacturing

  • james-mcgrath

    James McGrath
    Vice President, Financial Services and Insurance

  • Arjun

    Arjun Iyer
    Vice President, Growth Partner Management

  • michael-lee

    Michael Lee
    VP Sales Healthcare

  • Jason Jesensky

    Jason Jesensky
    Vice President, High Tech

  • jackie-durdun

    Jackie Durdun
    Director Partner Office

  • jonathan-padgett

    Jonathan Padgett
    Vice President, US Public Sector

  • Doug Fowler

    Doug Fowler
    Vice President, Global Partner Management

  • craig-sven

    Craig Swen
    Vice President, CPG & Retail

  • sean-adee

    Sean Adee
    Vice President, Global Partner Management

  • daniel-hudson

    Daniel Hudson
    VP Sales - Global Partner Management

  • eric-magnuson

    Eric Magnuson
    Vice President, Global Partner Management

  • joseph-santamorena

    Joseph Santamorena
    Vice President, Media & Entertainment, Transportation & Hospitality

  • graciela-arguelles

    Graciela Arguelles
    Senior Sales Leader, LATAM

  • Justin Greenberger

    Justin Greenberger
    Vice President, Technical Lead, Americas

  • franck-lopez

    Franck Lopez
    VP Sales BFS

  • eric-adrien

    Eric Adrian
    France Country Manager

  • Razvan Atim

    Razvan Atim
    Sales Director

  • ian-mcgregor

    Ian McGregor
    VP Sales

  • kedar-dani

    Kedar Dani
    VP Sales

  • anand-nagwani

    Anand Nagwani
    Vice President, EMEA, Partnerships

  • rory-gray

    Rory Gray
    VP Sales UK/IRE/Nordics

  • walter-obermeier

    Walter Obermeier
    Managing Director / VP Sales, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

  • maurits-houck

    Maurits Houck
    Vice President, the Netherlands

  • karan-dixit

    Karan Dixit
    Director and Regional Head, Middle East and Africa

  • denise

    Denise Oakley
    Vice President Marketing, EMEA

  • Andrew Rayner

    Andrew Rayner
    Vice President Customer Success, EMEA

  • Tansu Yegen

    Tansu Yegen
    Vice President, Turkey

  • jack-jang

    Jack Jang
    CEO, Korea

  • malina-platon

    Malina Platon
    Head of South East Asia Region

  • Tommy Fung

    Tommy Fung
    Sales Director, Greater China Region

  • James Bradley

    James Bradley
    Sales Director, Australia

  • prakash-Thekkatte

    Prakash Thekkatte
    Head of Engineering - APAC

  • ashutoshkapoor

    Ashutosh Kapoor
    Vice President of Partnership, India

  • Murli

    Murli Mohan
    Vice President & Head of India Domestic Sales

  • ambarish

    Ambarish Ojha
    Vice President of Customer and Partner Success APAC

  • Manish Sinha

    Manish Sinha
    Vice President Sales, BPO

  • Rajeev-Mittal

    Rajeev Mittal
    MD of India Sales

  • Ed Nair Pic 2

    Ed Nair
    Vice President - Communications and Media, India

  • Rajesh Kumar-2

    Rajesh Kumar
    Vice President & Head of Marketing – India Region

  • Amit_Sanghi

    Amit Sanghi
    Head - GICs Sales

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