The UiPath and AWS partnership

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Scale your enterprise automation

Integrate the UiPath end-to-end RPA platform with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, AI services, and cloud contact center solution.

UiPath is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. 

AWS Auto-scale your RPA infrastructure

Auto-scale your RPA infrastructure

Quickly deploy UiPath on AWS with our pre-built configs. Spin up development, test, and production environments.

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Boost customer self-service with contact center automation

UiPath integration with Amazon Connect enables a zero-touch customer experience, so you can reduce call volume and free up agents to work on complex customer issues.

  • Quickly scale automations to adjust to spikes in call volume 

  • Seamlessly hand off self-service requests to agents 

  • Integrate with any application, including legacy systems 

  • Extend Amazon AI services to your existing contact center systems

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Enhance your automations with AWS AI Services

Enhance your automations with AWS AI Services

Drag and drop AWS AI Services directly into your automations through pre-built integrations—like Textract (document data and text extraction) and Rekognition (facial recognition)—to solve more business challenges.

While you’re at it, automate your AWS processes

While you’re at it, automate your AWS processes

How many processes do your IT teams already run with AWS? Automate these with help from our library of pre-built AWS activities.

Seamlessly connect new ML models into business processes

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to prepare data and build, train, and deploy ML models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows.

By connecting Amazon SageMaker to UiPath, users can:


Rapidly deploy new ML models into production


Optimize the productivity of data science teams


Increase the speed of ML innovation

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Automation in the contact center with UiPath and Amazon Connect

Find out how UiPath and Amazon Connect can help you deliver better experiences for both customers and agents

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