Diversity and Belonging

Justice, Belonging, Uniqueness, and Social Human Responsibility

​These are the areas that we take action to create a vibrant, just, and ever-evolving culture. We strive to create an environment where our people can be authentic and empowered. A place where we can be our unique selves and Just Be Us.


is what drives us to address inequities in our systems, processes, and policies. Step-by-step we are removing barriers that get in the way of fairness in order to create opportunities for all. Justice is threaded into the fabric of our culture and holds us accountable as we accelerate human achievement. 


is built on trust. Rooted in trust and partnership, we encourage our people to be their authentic selves. Because when life gets messy, having a sense of belonging can carry you through to better days. We remain humble as we listen, learn, and help others along their belonging journey. 


is the variety of aspects that make up who you are as an individual and the journey you have traveled. You are so much more than what is visible. We embrace and celebrate the multitude of geographies, customs, and lifestyles that represent who we are. 

Social human responsibility

is how our values show up in our communities around the globe. Humble, Bold, Immersed, and Fast. We inspire and invest in our external eco-system and marginalized communities through partnerships and our robust employee volunteer culture. 

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Belonging and uniqueness


People Unity Councils

Our version of an employee resource group (ERG) reflects a belief that our employees are not resources. We invest in our people and empower them to unite and disrupt with intent. These councils provide a safe space where members share brave conversations, network, and find comfort in community. People Unity Councils (PUCs) give us an opportunity to collaborate with communities of interest that are important to and represent our people. 

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Belonging Councils

Globally dispersed councils challenge concepts, behaviors, and operational procedures through dialogue and proposed solutions. They discuss how our workplace impacts our people who may be neurodivergent, differently abled, or belong to a marginalized community. They highlight where we can implement changes and areas of opportunity. Our Belonging Ambassadors are early adopters, thought leaders, and game changers. 

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Women's Circles

We invest in our people in many ways. This program consists of small groups of female presenting and non-binary people who meet regularly to learn and grow together. They are focused on utilizing the power of peer support, mentoring, shared experiences and stories.  It’s all about connecting and learning from each other.

Social human responsibility

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Human wellbeing

We take care of our people so they can take care of the world. We feel that a sense of wellbeing comes from being connected with community and being of service to yourself and others. Our programs and services support our people through a comprehensive approach. We give our people designated Volunteer Time Off and an easy-to- navigate platform where they can donate and volunteer at millions of vetted organizations. Every Tuesday, our people receive 25 cents that they can donate to organizations because micro-donations change the world. We partner with customers to create upskill and reskill programs that help vulnerable populations. 

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Environmental balance

At UiPath, we believe in responsible consumption and production. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by transitioning to green packaging and by partnering with green vendors. Working together is the best way to create meaningful changes.  

Explore environmental, social, and governance (ESG) at UiPath.

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