Fuel your career with citizen development

Doing the same monotonous tasks every day won't improve your skills, nor will it lead to a promotion. What if there was a way to delegate routine work and focus on higher-value projects that increase your job satisfaction and add to your professional resume?

With citizen development you can do just that! No matter your job title or technical experience—finance specialist, marketing manager, or sales representative—the UiPath Business Automation Platform enables everyone to become a citizen developer and automate their day-to-day tasks with the power of no-code automation.

What is a citizen developer?

What is a citizen developer?

A citizen developer is a business user who can automate tasks without being a coding expert. They have a good understanding of business processes and can pinpoint areas suitable for automation. Citizen developers can be found in various departments within an organization—from finance and marketing to human resources and customer service. They possess good analytical and logical skills which enable them to automate tasks for themselves or their teams using no-code automation tools.

Benefits of becoming a citizen developer

As a citizen developer, you don’t just bring additional value to your company. You also add value to your professional career.

Value to you

Value to you


of companies move their citizen developers to higher-value roles in the organization


of companies pay higher salaries to successful citizen developers


of companies reward and recognize their citizen developers
Value to your employer

Value to your employer

Companies that combine an automation center of excellence (CoE) and citizen developers see better business results. 


higher on revenue benefits


higher on expense reductions


higher for value of quality improvements
UiPath Forward VI: How to take “citizen development” from buzzword to reality

UiPath Forward VI: How to take “citizen development” from buzzword to reality

See how ConocoPhillips, SOCAR Turkey, and Wesco Distribution use real life citizen development programs to:  

  • Drive operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience  

  • Foster digital transformation across their organizations and personal transformation—amongst their employees  

  • Remain competitive in the era of automation and AI. 

What can I automate as a citizen developer?

Citizen development enables you to automate almost any task or process that is repetitive, rule-based, and...annoying. From cleaning up your laptop to sending emails with attachments to processing data in Microsoft Excel—we’ve built a series of step-by-step video tutorials for common business use cases to help you get started.

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Gmail automation with StudioX

Video Demo

Uncover a quick way to effectively handle your inbox
Watch the demo
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Add clients to the CRM system with StudioX

Video Demo

Add clients to the customer relationship management (CRM) system in a matter of clicks

Watch the demo
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Extract and process data in Excel with StudioX

Video Demo

Automate Excel with ease: capturing web data and generating a report
Watch the demo

What is my journey as a citizen developer?


Build your first task automation

Discover the power of task automation and experience the ease of creating your first automation with UiPath StudioX.

Take the course

Expand your automation expertise

Ready to take your automation skills to new heights? Gain practical experience in building automations for various use cases with UiPath RPA Citizen Developer training.

Take the training

Get industry-recognized credentials

Take the next step in advancing your career—showcase your proficiency in automation by obtaining UiPath Certification.

Get UiPath Certified

How UiPath empowers citizen development

All of the following capabilities are available to citizen developers on the UiPath Business Automation Platform. 

  • Studio product family

    UiPath Studio Web offers a frictionless start and the easiest way to automate online applications and services. 

    StudioX helps you automate processes for desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, etc. 

  • Automation Hub

    With UiPath Automation Hub, you can easily suggest what processes will benefit from automation, quickly share your personal time-saving automations with others, contribute to the growth of your company, and add to your professional resume.

    Сontact your internal CoE to learn more. 

  • Assistant

    Leverage UiPath Assistant to benefit from automations your organization has designed for you. Explore the Marketplace widget for simple, everyday automations, such as organizing your computer or managing your PDF files.

    Easily publish automations you have developed in Studio and trigger them any time from Assistant.


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Create automations

UiPath Studio Web offers a frictionless start and the easiest way to automate online applications and services. 

StudioX helps you automate processes for desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, etc. 

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White paper

Lessons learned from successful citizen developer programs

Get firsthand insights from UiPath clients who have implemented citizen developer programs and empowered their people. Discover how Amazon, Carlsberg, Wesco, and others have tapped into the creativity of their business users to boost automation efforts, leading to improved efficiency and innovation throughout the organization. 

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"The Generali Citizen Developer program allowed me to create my personal development routine which I call 'Wild Development'. It consists of identifying a topic, sitting down and thinking of all the possible ways to obtain my result, no matter how exotic the path may be, until I get to the point I wanted. It gave me an opportunity to sit down, gather my thoughts, and apply them to create something that wasn’t there before."

Alberto Aspese

GIH IT – Core IT platforms, Generali Investments

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