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You want to make an impact. You want leaders who will listen to your ideas and help you grow as a person. You want to tackle the problems at the leading edge of technology. Look no further.

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Daniel Dines

My dream was to build a company that I’d love to work for. My belief is that our workplace should be our playground, and we have made concerted efforts to ensure that UiPath is a place where employees feel inspired, engaged, and happy.

Daniel Dines - UiPath CEO
Daniel Dines

What does your ideal workspace look like?

To us, it is a place where people listen to and challenge each other, passionately exchanging ideas to foster their personal growth and build paradigm-shifting technology.

Daniel Dines

What does your ideal workspace look like?

What we are offering you is autonomy: a workplace where you will be given room to learn, experiment, and take ownership of your ideas, finding your way to your best self and producing your best work.

Daniel Dines

What does your ideal workspace look like?

Our vision is one robot for every person. We believe in a future, where people will work in tandem with robots, focusing on impactful initiatives rather than administrative tasks. UiPath is paving the way there with RPA and AI.

Daniel Dines

What does your ideal workspace look like?

Your work should be creative and inspiring, and that’s why we take care of our teams. At UiPath, you can bring your whole self to work and leave your mark on the future.

UiPath Key Facts

The Most Valuable AI Software Company

Officially the top software robot product in the market, according to Forrester Wave™

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  • ~3kemployees
  • +5kenterprise clients
  • 25offices around the world
  • $1B in fundings

See what UiPathers are saying

Anshuman Rai

The sheer variety of business and industries that I get to interact with is the single biggest reason to enjoy my work at UiPath. Solving their business problems is an icing on the cake.

Anshuman Rai Senior Sales Director
Sahana Shekhar

Learning , innovation, passion and success - drives me to be a part of this amazing company!

Sahana Shekhar Director - Product Support
Ambarish Ojha

UiPath was the best thing that happened to me. After working for 30 years in the IT industry, everything started to be the same. UiPath is like going to college again - what you learnt, you have to unlearn. In an era where the next generation of workforce is about to come in the new connected world, I am going through a great learning curve in the software company of the 21st century. Thank you UiPath!

Ambarish Ojha VP of Product Support and Customer Success
Sonia Pintea

I took a seat in the Rocketship and travelled in almost 2 years of UiPath trough so many experiences like in my previous 10 years together. It is the place to create your profesional persona and drive positive impact in the working space.

Sonia Pintea Director of Partner Success EMEA
Hari Ganapathy

UiPath gave me an opportunity to experience hypergrowth and chaos which comes with it. I consider myself lucky to work in the fastest growing enterprise RPA company in the world.

Hari Ganapathy Regional Pre-Sales Leader
Viorela Preda

I forgot what it means to get bored since I joined UiPath. There are so many opportunities to get involved in exciting projects, regardless if they are in your job description or not. But the most valuable thing I learned is to be a better listener. And I have friends all around the world now.

Viorela Preda Product Community Manager
Elena Mitrescu

For me, UiPath is a lifestyle. From the perspective of a talent developer, I can say that I contributed to the development of the organization but at the same time I grew up with it

Elena Mitrescu Employee Engagement & Talent Developer
Richard Miall

After 40 years in the IT Industry I have finally found my home. The energy and enthusiasm for the company and the product does not sit with a few but instead is in everyone at UiPath. It’s a pleasure to be part of this incredible journey.

Richard Miall Director, Partnerships UK & Ireland
Volkan Kilic

Every morning I wake up with passion that keeps me alive and fresh in UiPath.

Volkan Kilic Sales Manager - Turkey
Sonia Bighiu

In one year within UiPath, I have learned more than I could have in 5 years within other companies.

Sonia Bighiu Talent Acquisition Leader EMEA
Alexander Seggerman

UiPath is giving me the unique opportunity to develop my career path. From a single person in the channel organization to now a director of 10 people. All within 8 months.

Alexander Seggerman Director, Partnerships - DACH
Rodica Guisset

At UiPath every day is intense as if there is no tomorrow, but boy, I am happy to return to work day in day out!

Rodica Guisset Senior Sales Manager
Raluca Ene

Working at UiPath means that I wake up every morning with the feeling that I don't have to go to work.

Raluca Ene RPA Developer
Magali Philippe

With UiPath I have autonomy and flexibility, opportunities to travel and amazing colleagues who I can talk to easily at anytime (wherever they are).

Magali Philippe RPA Developer
Vikas Jain

UiPath empowers an individual to take decisions and challenge our peers and it’s the sense of ownership and responsibility which brings the best out of a person.

Vikas Jain RPA Developer Lead
Tejus Venkatesh

Every one of us enjoys the autonomy in our work.,this helps us nurture our Start-up like culture. However, we constantly challenge our peers and also leaders on their actions and decisions to bring the best for UiPath.

Tejus Venkatesh Chief Evangelist
Mihai Pricochi

It's almost surprising how dynamic UiPath is and how easy it was for me to relocate to a new region. My managers (and the whole team really) have always been supportive and encouraged me to look for new challenges. With UiPath I have a great opportunity to travel around the world, from the US to Tokyo, New Zealand, Australia, and almost all Europe.

Mihai Pricochi Pre-Sales Lead UK&I
Lenore Kerrigan

I feel like a child in a playground playing flat out with new friends and toys and at the end of the day I collapse in blissful exhaustion. It is great to love what you do but even better having fun doing it. For many years, I have stated on my profile that I thrive on making the impossible possible. I truly believe we do this every day for customers and their workforce and with so much more to come as this technology enters the lives of everyone.

Lenore Kerrigan Country Sales Director, South Africa
Massimiliano Livia

After 30 years spent in many companies I landed at UiPath last year in October. I must say I never felt all the energy and enthusiasm I’m surrounded by at UiPath in any other place I’ve been. People around you, no matter if they are newcomers or been pioneer in the company gives you all the fuel you need to be part of a great journey at an incredible speed!

Massimiliano Livia Sales Manager Italy - Rome
Julian Jobstreibizer

Being surrounded by smart people who listen to your ideas and embrace them with such an incredible passion that they become reality, that is UiPath to me. A community where you find help and motivation everyday, everywhere.

Julian Jobstreibizer Sales Manager - Switzerland
Dieter Mueller

I´ve worked for several companies in my career – Startups and established companies. But I never found so much positive energy and the willingness to help across departments and boundaries. UiPath is my best choice ever !!!

Dieter Mueller Sales Manager/Director - DACH
Robin Stauder

Being able to move forward at such a speed, make a difference for others, and being surrounded by so many incredible like minded people is the greatest experience I could have asked for!

Robin Stauder Inside Sales Leader - DACH
Harald Hörmann

Compared to other companies I have worked for, UiPath differs as a true Unicorn, a great corporate culture and the best mission/vision story I've ever had to tell.

Harald Hörmann Sales Director - Banking, Insurance, Finance - Germany
Sabine Obermayr

Since joining UiPath, I have been impressed by the immense speed of the teams and people, without forgetting about the core values of the company: Boldness coupled with humility. What's important for me every day is to enjoy achieving something great together.

Sabine Obermayr Marketing Director – DACH
Stefan Reutter

If there’s one thing I learned at UiPath, it’s this: be yourself, but a little better every day

Stefan Reutter Advisory Pre-Sales Engineer

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