On Our Path to Automation for Good


The UiPath journey began with 10 people in an apartment in Romania. As our company has grown into a multinational business operating in nearly 30 countries, so has our belief in the UiPath role and vision for impact in the world. Today, we aim to change the status quo for both our customers and society as a whole to create a brighter future. We aim to be at the forefront of critical conversations about what automation can do for us all—and how to harness technology for good—conscious of both our short and medium-term business goals and longer-term societal ones.

Our company’s strong values, and more importantly our foundation of humility, have guided us through this past year and allowed us to be more responsive to the reality unfolding before us. This has been a defining moment for our society – and a defining moment for UiPath. We strive to be a brand of inspiration. We believe in the transformative power of automation to bring out the best in people, and the potential of people to bring out the best in our world. Ultimately, everything we do is grounded in a greater purpose: to accelerate human achievement and to liberate the boundless potential of people.

In support of our values and this greater purpose, I am pleased to share that UiPath is joining the Pledge 1% movement, and in doing so, joining an impressive network of entrepreneurs and companies across the globe such as Salesforce and Atlassian that have committed to philanthropic efforts. As part of our Pledge, we are committing to donate 2,810,082 shares of our Class A common stock over the next ten years to fund our social impact. We plan to continue to commit both our time and our rapidly evolving automation platform, in addition to our equity, to support our environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

The surface-level benefits of enterprise automation software are clear: save time, decrease costs, and speed up work. But our customers’ business goals aren’t simply to save time. They, like us, have greater missions to achieve. Now more than ever, leaders have to be connected to the world outside their organizations. From sustainability to social good, automation offers a practical path to achieving those goals that not only help organizations create a better work environment, but impact society around them.

At UiPath, we seek to promote the use of automation to encourage people to strive to learn more, do more, and have more fulfilling careers. We believe this commitment will help to make automation a force for good across our world.

While we’re proud of the successes we’ve seen, we know our work here is still just beginning. Our goal is, and always will be, for UiPath technology, people, and purpose to come together for good. We’ll never stop striving for better. Our purpose will always guide us, and our values will always push us forward – toward a better future for all.


Daniel Dines - UiPath (color headshot)
Daniel Dines

Executive Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, UiPath

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