UiPath Open Mic


Photo of Tony Nudd

Tony Nudd

Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, UiPath

Photo of Smit Rathore

Smit Rathore

Technical Partner Manager, UiPath

Photo of Sajal Chakraborty

Sajal Chakraborty

Customer Success Manager, UiPath

Photo of Mohit Ganotra

Mohit Ganotra

Advisory, RPA Engineer, UiPath

Some of the questions have not been addressed during the live session, so please find the rest of the Questions & Answers below:

Q.  Have UiPath ever engaged with any FMCG industries and if yes, could you please explain which business process they have automated?

A. Yes we have and you can find detailed information here.

Q.  Do you have experience in end to end process automation in Network Operation Centre in Service Providers across all value streams which involve event management, incident management and change management or perhaps knowledge management?

A.  UiPath has experience working with service providers around the world, refer here for more information.

Q.  Is there a trial version of AI Fabric?

A.  AI Fabric is currently available on the UiPath Cloud orchestrator for Enterprise users. Here is more information on AI Fabric.