See what RPA can do for your Finance & Accounting department

Drive sustainable growth and save your team from the drudgery of soul-crushing, routine work

RPA digitizes your F&A operations faster than you thought possible

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to improve productivity, drive down costs and streamline compliance. It frees more time for you and your team to act proactively and focus on the strategic work that brings joy and adds value to your business.

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of Finance & Accounting leaders believe RPA will make their business more competitive over the next two years 2019 Economist Survey “Advance of Automation”

It’s faster and easier with UiPath

  • Build automations visually with ease. Even business users can learn to create their own automations.

  • Automate processes on top of your existing systems and aggregate data across all your fintech applications

  • Stay free of panic with complete audit trails

  • Enhance automations with drag-and-drop Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Enjoy personalized RPA training and let our global partners help you put automation in place

Once we give you back your time, how will you use it?

  • Drive sustainable growth

    Gain predictability and savings with a low-risk, non-invasive solution.

  • Minimize business risk

    Enable faster, more accurate reporting, and pro-actively respond to changing compliance mandates.

  • Spark innovation

    Eliminate repetitive and swivel chair work to free staff for high value, strategic activities like deep analytics and advisory support.

Streamline F&A processes with an intelligent automation solution

What is RPA’s role in finance? See how it works for professionals like you who are using it today and the impressive results they achieve. Learn how to pick the right processes and the right people to get you started with RPA in accounting and finance operations.

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Those invoices won’t process themselves. Until now.

This quick demo shows how UiPath robots automate invoice processing, ensuring accuracy and preventing mistakes. Processing invoices in a speedy and secure way means your organization gets paid.

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“We are automating customer acquisition, invoice validation and other finance processes. Till now, we have received 200% ROI in a year. We also reduced average processing time per transaction on average by 60%.”

Divyang PatelAutomation Solution Architect at LTI

Close the gaps in accounting and financial digitization

Optimize cash conversion, prevent delays in accounts payable and accounts receivable, and reduce inventory turnover. RPA will help you close all the gaps in financial automation and accounting automation.

Accounts Receivable

Days Sales Outstanding

Customer Onboarding and Invoicing

Process customer forms, master data, aggregates invoice data and triggers invoice on sales order and goods receipt.

Cash Application

Auto-capture and read remittance info from checks, emails, and web portals, match payments with open invoices.

Inventory Turnover

Days Inventory

Logistics Management

Process logistics paperwork, tracking shipment, expediting of orders, supplier follow ups and update ERP and WMS systems.

Accounts Payable

Days Payable Outstanding

Invoice Processing

Auto-extract information from vendor invoices and purchase order details from ERP. Robots can then then perform a 3-way matching of invoices.

Payment Processing

Automate pre- and post- payment validation and reconciliation; notify exceptions; monitor and identify potential duplicate payments.

See how businesses are succeeding with UiPath

Learn how UiPath customers are achieving dramatic results with software robots

Fast, accurate P&L reports with RPA

One company leveraged RPA to streamline and improve the accuracy of their Profit and Loss (P&L) reporting. See how the organization saved 150 hours in production, while enabling 100% accuracy.

  • 150 hours saved in production

  • 100% accuracy rate

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EDF Energy drives continuous improvement in its financial shared services center

This top energy and utility supplier in the U.K. automated its financial transaction journal and enterprise resource planning.

  • Software robots now handle twice the volume of work previously handled by employees

  • Company saved £50k ($60,750)

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