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Automation solutions for healthcare

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Spend more time on work that matters with healthcare automation

When software robots take on the thousands of detailed, repetitive tasks and processes, it makes everyone in the healthcare system—patients, partners, caregivers, administrators, and communities—feel a whole lot better.

What is a UiPath Software Robot

Get proven remedies for your biggest healthcare challenges


Improve patient experience from scheduling to visits to treatments to billing. RPA can take friction, time, and cost out of the equation—and make sure providers have the data and the time for optimal care decisions.


Our robots can emulate human keystrokes and call on UiPath Document Understanding to 'read' screens. So you can use robots, instead of people, as the conduits linking new and legacy systems, apps, and external systems across your community and ecosystem.


Reduce costs, increase speed, improve accuracy and compliance. Even in a medium-sized healthcare system, employees spend millions of hours each year on repetitive, manual tasks that UiPath robots can do instead.


Transform healthcare professionals from ‘overburdened’ to 'overjoyed.' Give every provider a digital assistant to do the admin tasks connected with patient visits, so they can spend more time with patients, not paperwork.


Expand data analytics with ease. With AI Center, you can insert artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models into automations with simple drag-and-drop action to support evidence-based medicine, operational analytics, and much more.


Reduce denied and rejected claims to speed up payment. UiPath robots can ensure timely follow-up and accurate submissions and resubmissions. And they can automatically generate reports to analyze reason codes.

One-third* of all healthcare provider tasks are automatable

  • Scheduling

    • Support self-service scheduling/registration​

    • Deliver reminders and follow-ups

  • Insurance verification​

    • Extract patient insurance data and log into payer websites ​

    • Confirm medical necessity and pre-authorization

  • Chart management

    • Post docs into EHRs, charts, and other systems​

    • Access multiple sources to extract, merge, and post medical records into patient charts

  • Charge capture, coding, documentation

    • Automate diagnostic and procedural coding by applying machine learning engines to patient documentation

    • Post non-electronic insurance payments and adjustments

  • Claims submission, first-pass denials

    • Sort, correct, and resubmit first-pass denied claims​

    • Improve coding models by using AI to analyze rejection 


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Provide self-service options and reduce no-shows​

  • Support self-service scheduling/registration​

  • Deliver reminders and follow-ups

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Adopt technology that’s clinically proven to work


Works within a Citrix environment and has the lowest barrier to entry for EMR/EHR platforms


Offers a low-code/no code build environment for fast development and deployment


Supports robust governance, audit trails, and compliance


Has a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid ROI

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Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control RPA while preserving the freedom to revolutionize our business.

Discover Trust and Security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and latest security attestations.

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