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White Paper icon - whiteBanking automation e-book header image

White paper

Drive bottom line performance with intelligent automation at your bank

Download this e-book to learn how AI and automation can help your bank improve customer service, streamline operations, and improve employee engagement.

White Paper icon - whiteAPJ IDC InfoBrief Automation Hero

White paper

Transforming at scale with automation to enable success with a digital workforce

An IDC InfoBrief commissioned by UiPath: Discover how enterprises in Asia are delivering excellence by deploying intelligent automation at the heart of their digital-first strategy...

White Paper icon - whiteFinanzwesen und KI White Paper Header

White paper

How AI-powered finance automation delivers transformative business value

Read this white paper to learn how RPA and artificial intelligence can uncover inefficiencies and opportunities for finance and accounting automation.

White Paper icon - whiteThe Strategic Importance of Automation

White paper

The Strategic Importance of Automation

Check out this IDC e-book to learn how business executives and leaders will gain a clear understanding of why Intelligent Automation is important.

White Paper icon - whiteAPI Integration UiPath white paper

White paper

How API Integration Supports Process Automation

Understand how your team can design, build, and run automation at any scale, no matter how complex.

White Paper icon - whiteF&A Ebook 2 Image Header

White paper

Automating Finance: 4 ways to streamline work for a better bottom line

Discover how automation puts finance in control, so that they have the information they need to navigate corporate waters with confidence.

White Paper icon - whiteBusting Test Bottlenecks

White paper

4 Steps for Busting Through Testing Bottlenecks

Explore how to get your tools and reusable components onto a universal platform, get test automation up to 90%, and drive value for your entire enterprise.

White Paper icon - whiteManufacturing Sector

White paper

How Process Automation Benefits Manufacturing Businesses

Get this Peerpaper report to learn how RPA drives operations automation, streamlines the supply chain, and improves customer engagement.

White Paper icon - white2023 Automation Trends

White paper

Automation Trends 2023: What’s New, What’s Next, <br> and the Path to Real Value

Download this report to learn the many possibilities automation offers, and the steps you need to take to take advantage of them. 

White Paper icon - whiteThe modern data  pipeline: Fast, frictionless,  and automated

White paper

The modern data pipeline: Fast, frictionless, and automated

The data boom continues unabated, with more than 60 zettabytes of data being created and replicated annually. But data alone won’t make you data driven. Learn how to build data mom...

White Paper icon - whiteDigital Testing Strategy

White paper

Five Ways to Drive Your Digital Testing Strategy to the Future

Download this e-book to discover the five ways in which you can equip your team for success in digital testing with production-grade, automated testing capabilities. 

White Paper icon - whiteBanks require intelligent automation processes to compete

White paper

Implement intelligent automation to help your bank compete

Download this white paper to learn more about how intelligent automation can help banks improve productivity and customer experience.