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automation in healthcare

Case Study

AI for Claims Reconciliation: 600% Increase in the Volume of Claims Expion Health Handles Daily

See how Expion Health uses Computer Vision to extract claims data and then uses Document Understanding to validate, classify and extract reconciliation data.

uber customer story hero image

Case Study

Uber Coordinates Global Operations with Help from UiPath RPA

Global tech company Uber, implements automation with help from Accenture as the best way to manage extraordinary growth.

How Xerox Created a New Business Model with UiPath Automation

Case Study

From Documents to Digitization. How Xerox Created a New Business Model with UiPath Automation

Learn how Xerox streamlined its internal processes with UiPath Automation and leveraged this success to deliver RPA to its own customers around the world.

Spotify Customer Success Story Hero

Case Study

Spotify Expands Commitment to Innovation and Automation Using UiPath

Spotify, with help from their partner PwC, uses UiPath for scalability, company-wide deployment, and augmenting a citizen developer program.

Document Understanding Demo

Case Study

Deloitte drives internal efficiencies using the UiPath Business Automation Platform

Seeking to unleash greater internal efficiency and productivity across their global member firms, Deloitte leveraged the market leading capabilities in the UiPath intelligent autom...

Woman AI

Case Study

Canon leverages AI for document processing to save 6,000 hours

See how Canon leverages UiPath Document Understanding to increase efficiency, improve invoice handling accuracy, and free up employees to work on more value-added tasks.

Autria Card success story image

Case Study

Reaping rewards with Intelligent Automation

Discover how AustriaCard Holdings will leverage the CoE to automate more RPA processes and enhance efficiency and productivity across all business units.

Caricese Success Story

Case Study

Caricese Implements RPA to Boost Efficiency, Cut Costs, and Enhance Customer Service

See how Caricese Implements RPA to boost efficiency, and provide the same or better service for their customers at a lower cost.


Case Study

Sydbank opens the door to digital transformation

See how Sydbank has begun its journey to digital transformation and how automation is bringing bigger changes within the business and allowing people to think differently.

British American Tobacco Case Study

Case Study

How BAT Uses UiPath’s Software Robots to Produce Quickly and With Quality

See how BAT implemented SAP automation using UiPath Platform to increase accuracy, safety, security, and governance.

MyEyeDr Customer Story Image

Case Study

MyEyeDr. Sharpens Focus on Growth with Automation

See how MyEyeDr. is enabling growth, fueling innovation, driving efficiency — with the creative use of automation.

Sharp Call Center Case Study

Case Study

Sharper Reflexes Thanks to Automation

Discover how the UiPath business automation platform enhances Sharp’s customer service and satisfaction, resulting in better sales results.