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Carglass employee

Case Study

With UiPath Apps, Carglass Grows Sales and Employee Satisfaction

Learn how Carglass is leveraging automation and UiPath Apps to deliver better customer service, improve employee experience and unlock more sales.

How Xerox Created a New Business Model with UiPath Automation

Case Study

From Documents to Digitization. How Xerox Created a New Business Model with UiPath Automation

Learn how Xerox streamlined its internal processes with UiPath Automation and leveraged this success to deliver RPA to its own customers around the world.

uber customer story hero image

Case Study

Uber Coordinates Global Operations with Help from UiPath RPA

Global tech company Uber, implements automation with help from Accenture as the best way to manage extraordinary growth.

Spotify Customer Success Story Hero

Case Study

Spotify Expands Commitment to Innovation and Automation Using UiPath

Spotify, with help from their partner PwC, uses UiPath for scalability, company-wide deployment, and augmenting a citizen developer program.


Case Study

Orchestrating automated testing at a 400-year-old company

Learn how PostNord made test automation mandatory in some cases, and also strives to make software robots an integral part of the team.

Shinshu University Hospital

Case Study

Shinshu University Hospital Standardized Accounting Decisions with UiPath AI Center

See how the RPA Promotion Office at Shinshu University Hospital standardized accounting data entry using artificial intelligence (AI).

Image from Brand Hub

Case Study

Stoneridge Slashes their Automation Implementation Timeline in Half with UiPath Task Mining

Learn how with UiPath Task Mining helps Stoneridge map out business processes to simplify and accelerate automation


Case Study

How UiPath helped NRGi turn billing into a competitive differentiator

Learn how automation was crucial to NRGi’s success by reducing unnecessary activities and eliminating as many tasks as possible.


Case Study

Södra uses Robotic Process Automation to let employees see the wood from the trees

See how Södra has harnessed robotic process automation (RPA) to improve employee experience and satisfaction, free up staff time for more interesting tasks and recruit the best peo...

Sweden Public Employment Service

Case Study

Swedish Public Employment Service delivers process efficiency by combining UiPath Process Mining and automation

Learn how the Swedish Public Employment Services (Arbetsförmedlingen) uses process mining and automation to improve key human resources and finance processes


Case Study

How Transcom uses automation for an effortless agent experience

See how Transcom uses robotic process automation to streamline customer service operations and help the company retain employees rather than make them redundant.


Case Study

TRYG deploys automation to speed processing and enhance customer experience

See how robotic process automation (RPA) has become a strategic tool for TRYG as it focuses on the digital empowerment of customers.