See what automation can do for your core and back-office insurance processes.

Focus on policy holders, not mundane processes

State Auto Insurance Companies choose to work with UiPath

See how they saved 30,000 hours of work using RPA

Holly Uhl, an IT manager at State Auto Insurance Companies, worked with UiPath to test out the automation of five different processes across the business.

Since the successful proof of concept, they have been able to automate 37 processes throughout the enterprise.

process times reduction

Reduce process times by 50% or more

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) frees professionals from repetitive and redundant tasks, so you can save money while your team can focus on more strategic initiatives.

In insurance, that means you can react more quickly to increasing demands from policyholders, agents and partners for fast, transparent, and multi-channel experiences, 24/7.

Automate core insurance and back-office processes with ease:

  • Integrate legacy systems

    Automate processes on top of your existing systems, including spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned documents, and applications like Duckcreek, Guidewire, and LexisNexis.

  • Ease of use

    Quickly create Robots in our easy to use editor. Even attorneys and para-legals can create their own automations.

  • Drag and drop AI

    Enhance your automations with drag-and-drop Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether your own or third-party models.

Automating for end-to-end claims processing

How design thinking combined with automation technology pushes insurers to evolve.

  • Learn about what it takes to boost claims efficiency and revenue growth with RPA
  • Discover why insurance companies should aim for end-to-end claims processing
  • Take advantage of insurance industry automation expertise
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45% of Insurance CIOs identified heavy, disconnected and duplicative legacy systems as a key inhibitor to digital transformation

Celent 2018

RPA is lower cost and lower risk

Leading Insurers have found an elegant way to tie together their core insurance data and processes, at a much lower cost and lower risk than application upgrades, replacements or heavy-handed Business Process Automation implementations.

With Robotic Process Automation solutions for Insurance from UiPath, insurers get a non-invasive way to automate core insurance processes.

Top insurers use UiPath RPA right now

And UiPath is a proud member of ACORD

  • Easy to use

    Rapidly create unattended or attended robots that automate manual, repetitive tasks, reduce process costs and cycle times, and free up time to focus on higher value work.

  • Compatible with existing systems

    Highly accurate computer vision technology, and the ability to imitate human keystrokes and mouse clicks, means that you don't need to replace existing core insurance process applications.

  • Your onramp to AI

    Connect with the largest ecosystem of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence platforms, including Google, Microsoft, IBM, ABBYY OCR and many others. Improve claims processing, customer risk analysis and virtually any process that relies on unstructured data.

  • Keep your - and your policyholder’s - data safe

    Robots don’t store your data, and the data they use is encrypted in transit and at rest. And audits are complete and accurate, improving risk profiling and compliance.

  • We understand Insurance

    UiPath and its many Systems Integration partners have years of experience helping automate Insurance processes, from back-end to core

Drive measurable results


Shared Services Arm of Major European Insurance Group Reduces Processing Time by 80% with Automation

A shared service provider (part of one of the largest insurance groups in the world) decided to employ Enate’s orchestration platform and, afterward, the robotic workforce by UiPath, to streamline operations and deliver more value-added services.

  • 80% reduction in internal processing time
  • 70% reduction in end-to-end cycle times
  • 23% improvement in SLA for Front Line Phone calls, from 73% to 96% year-on-year
  • 75% reduction in overtime despite unprecedented 2018 weather events
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Digital Claims Automation

Chatbot and Vehicle Damage Assessment Demo

Watch how UiPath and Kore.AI work together to deliver intelligent claims automation and notice of first loss

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