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Transform your customer’s experience with end-to-end automation

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Whether a customer seeks help online, in-store or with an agent, UiPath enables Contact Centers to automate the entire customer service journey—from initial interaction to a satisfying solution.

UiPath: Improving the Contact Centre Experience
Progress toward a zero-touch customer experience

Progress toward a zero-touch customer experience

Deploy AI-powered chatbots or voicebots that enable self-service to reduce call volume, reducing the load on agents.

  • Reduce call volume by up to 50%

  • Improve first contact resolution

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Take the robot out of your agents

Take the robot out of your agents

Empower agents with the right information and the right time, so they can resolve customers issues rapidly and offer solutions based on personalized, predictive insights.

  • Reducing training time and costs

  • Reduce handling time by as much as 40%

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Automate clunky back-office activities

Hand off post-call updates and fulfillment activities to robots, so customers get faster results and agents can help more customers.

  • Reduce customer wait times

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Rapidly get your siloed systems talking

Rapidly get your siloed systems talking

Orchestrate your end-to-end experience by connecting your CRM, ERP, IVR, chatbot and mainframe systems with robots that know when to handoff the next task to a robot or to a human.

  • Rapid time to value

  • Reduce error rates

Optimize your customer experience with front-to-back automation
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Optimize your customer experience with front-to-back automation

UiPath for Contact Centers lets you leverage your existing technology infrastructure to provide intelligent automation across the entire customer service lifecycle. Learn how it can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences, enhance agent value, and accelerate digital transformation.


The speed of creating the automations has been critical and UiPath solutions provide the ability to automate rapidly while meeting our high standards.

Cheryl Watson

EMEA Lead, RPA Centre of Excellence, FISERV

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Customers are getting more with UiPath

Improving First Contact Resolution

Improving First Contact Resolution

A top 10 U.S. bank reduced their AHT in their contact center by 30% per interaction. At 10 million transactions per year, this freed 2,000 hours per week.

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Reducing backlog by 34,000 tickets

By running UiPath robots 24/7 in place of overtime labor, a pharmacy’s call center cut the ticket backlog from 35,000 to 1,000.

Improve your contact center experience with intelligent automation