Boost customer loyalty and revenue while reducing costs with contact center automation

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Make every agent your best agent, and every customer interaction exceptional and efficient, with contact center automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Discover how AI insight gives you complete visibility across the entire customer journey.

Take a new approach to age-old challenges with contact center process automation

The contact center is the linchpin of the customer experience. See how contact center automation empowers agents and streamlines the customer journey with state-of-the-art AI


average handling time (AHT) reduction


reduction in customer call volume


performance increase

Create exceptional contact center experience

Expand and scale your self-service options, empower agents to deliver better customer experiences, and streamline contact center processes with AI-powered automation. Achieve a customer contact center that drives more revenue, decreases costs, and improves customer loyalty.

Take the robot out of your contact center agents

Enable your agents to deliver better, more personalized and cost-effective service with AI insight into every customer interaction and channel.

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See how contact center automation drives savings and innovation

Learn how to augment your customer experience with end-to-end automation that goes beyond the contact center. Whether a customer seeks help online, instore or branch office, the UiPath Business Automation Platform enables enterprises to automate the entire customer journey.

See contact center process automation in action

Expand and scale up your self-service options

Divert calls, chats, emails, web forms, tickets, and other interactions with AI-powered automation. Make service easier with streamlined, always-on channels for more consistent and faster time to service.

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Empower agents to deliver personalized experiences

Improve agent value and productivity by empowering agents to focus on delivering better customer experiences, including upsell and cross-sell recommendations. Offer more personalized customer interactions using automation combined with AI for real-time intelligent agent assist.

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Streamline contact center processes and improve efficiency

Harness AI to provide interaction and customer journey analytics to achieve visibility into contact center performance, drive value creation, and reduce costs. Automate common contact center operations activities such as Voice of the Customer, HR, IT, and Testing.

See the California DMV story

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by connecting the complete customer journey, augmenting agents, customer service systems, and processes to increase NPS and loyalty. All while controlling costs and boosting revenue opportunities.

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Discover how call center automation makes you more customer-centric


Provide customers the self-serve tools to resolve issues without an agent.


Automate manual quality assurance tasks to improve compliance.


Reduce agent training times by eliminating the need to navigate disparate systems.


Build a single automation that can scale across channels for more consistent and faster service.


Reduce workloads so agents can focus on developing soft skills.


Give team leads more time to mentor agents by automating administrative tasks such as scheduling, onboarding, and offboarding.

Optimize your customer experience with front-to-back automation
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Improve experiences for customers and employees with contact center RPA

Learn how contact center automation can deliver exceptional customer experiences, enhance agent productivity, and accelerate digital transformation. 

Automate your contact center and drive down costs


Data extraction

Software robots with artificial intelligence (AI) can read and understand documents and emulate aspects of human decision-making—expanding the range of contact center use cases.


System and process integration

Automation can bridge the gaps between incompatible systems for customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, and shipping—helping create smoother contact center processes that span functional silos.


Democratized automation development

Translate your customer service expertise into faster, smarter ways of doing things. Give your team the tools to build, monitor, and maintain automations without IT assistance.


Human-robot collaboration

Attended robots can streamline and simplify many of the most common contact center processes and loop in their human counterparts when there’s a decision or specific action required.

Start automatingyour contact center now

Check out the UiPath Marketplace for prebuilt call center automations and connectors that are ready to help you drive value today.

Embed AI-powered insight and automation across the contact center and end-to-end customer journey

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Accelerate adoption of omni-channel approaches and drive down your costs.

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