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100% accurate Web Automation

See how today's businesses and applications that are already structured on web-based systems can readily benefit from web automation

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Screen Scraping that works everywhere

Automate easily from desktop or web using the first 100% accurate, extremely fast screen scraping tool

The Holy Grail of RPA

UiPath has pioneered the screen scraping of running desktop apps with 100% accuracy in under 16 milliseconds.

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Success Stories

2 months Return On Investment 90% processing time reduction 10% manual effort reduction 0% error rate

Accounts Payable - three way match

The company needed to automate a back office process with a volume of approx. 1800 invoices per month with 3 FTEs. The process involved unstructured information, while the rules and decisions were predetermined. The process also involved the use of paper and of the OCR technology.

The UiPath robot extracted data from an incoming invoice via e-mail, and validated the PO number, the number of items and the cost per item against the PO and goods received. The robot used ABBYY OCR to extract the data.

Automate more with our different technologies

Desktop Automation Excellence

UiPath Studio introduces a visual, declarative way of describing how to automate a process, and business users can use it in the same way they use a Visio diagram.

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Citrix Automation Delight

Citrix plays an important role to corporate companies like BPOs and contact centres, where applications need to be accessed remotely due to security considerations. Our software works perfectly with even the most complex applications, in only a few minutes.

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SAP UI Automation made easy

There’s no need to know a programming language, nor to employ expensive tech professionals to use our platform. Our robots can be trained by business analysts to take over and, once trained, they will run indefinitely with fewer errors than staff and at a lower cost.

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