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Automation for banking and financial services

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Use RPA and RPA + AI to improve processes, performance, and profitability all over your financial institution

Strip out inefficiencies and errors in processes that move across systems, software, and apps. Deploy AI and digital solutions more quickly. Respond smoothly to new demand surges. With such a powerful way to drive efficiency, deliver better service to customers and clients, and de-stress your employees, it's time to go long on automation.

What is a UiPath Software Robot


of transactional operations can be automated*


of reporting, planning, and other strategic work can be automated*


of financial services firms have embedded AI+RPA in their operations**

Get automation-led improvements you can bank on​

  • Higher operational efficiencies

    Let the robot take on repetitive, high-volume, cross-system processes where speed, capacity, and accuracy matter most—in lending services, account servicing, post-trade processing, and more.​

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  • Better customer experiences

    • Accelerate deployment of customer self-service options 

    • Free reps to focus on customers by giving each one a robot to gather customer data during calls

    • Expand what chatbots can do by pairing them with robots

  • Reduced risk exposure

    Let robots access public databases, watchlists, and other sources to extract and organize critical data—and use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to match relationships and find hidden risks​.

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  • Less revenue leakage​

    Capture more revenues with less collector effort by automating repetitive, time-consuming steps in the collection process, like notifications, follow-ups, contact lookups, call documentation, doc prep, and much more​.

  • Amplified workforces

    Give your investment research teams personal robotic assistants to do targeted search and extraction of data from internal and external sources​.

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  • Accelerated digital transformation

    UiPath robots can understand screens and emulate how people click, point, and mouse through different processes. So you can connect with legacy systems that don’t have APIs or modern interfaces.​


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Invest in streamlined processes

Let the robot take on repetitive, high-volume, cross-system processes where speed, capacity, and accuracy matter most—in lending services, account servicing, post-trade processing, and more.​

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Enterprise-Grade Automation Apps: Low Code at High Speed
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Banking and Financial Services Industry Days

Keynotes from financial services technology thought leaders, automation experts showing specific solutions and demos, along with time for questions and live interaction

Become a fully automated enterprise™ with UiPath technology

In a fully automated enterprise, automation connects systems, software, and applications so they work smoothly together. Personal robots take on repetitive tasks, freeing people for higher-value work.

Everyone has access to the power and promise of RPA. And automation is the delivery device that lets you bring AI everywhere it needs to go.

Become a fully automated enterprise with the UiPath Platform.


Find best automation opportunities across your operations with AI-powered discovery in UiPath Process Mining and Task Mining.


Deploy and manage automations—with full audit trails—using UiPath Orchestrator. Measure RPA performance and impact with UiPath Insights.  And automate testing with UiPath Test Suite.


Make automation consumable, engaging, and useful for everyone from customer service reps to investment analysts with UiPath Apps.


Automate anything that people can see—even unstructured data—with UiPath Document Understanding.


Let everyone from experts to citizen developers build great automations with low-code UiPath Studio and StudioX.


Make better decisions and automate more processes by integrating and infusing automations with machine learning and AI using AI Center.

Trust us, we’re secure

One platform, thousands of automations. Built with trust.

Security, compliance, and governance are at the core of automation with UiPath. Manage and control RPA while preserving the freedom to revolutionize our business.

Discover Trust and Security at UiPath, including our privacy and data policies, our service status and 99.9% uptime guarantee, and latest security attestations.

Explore UiPath Trust and Security

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