Automate HR processes and keep pace with organizational development

Turn human potential into human achievement

HR automation helps People Teams be more efficient and deliver faster.

Transform your total employee experience with HR automation


faster onboarding


increased HR employee capacity


error rate on compliance programs

Create a more engaging world of work with HR RPA

Hear from your peers who have already automated
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Hear from your peers who have already automated

"PeerPaper™ Report 2022 Realizing the Benefits of RPA in Human Resources (HR) Use Cases"

See HR process automation in action

Win the battle for the best and brightest

Shortlist CVs/résumés based on predefined logic, and create and update candidate records in applicant tracking and other systems.

Help new hires make a difference sooner

Use chatbots to answer the most frequently asked HR, payroll, and benefits questions. 

Deliver experiences that fuel excellence

Deliver experiences that fuel excellence

Make HR operations a well-oiled machine to drive better employee experiences including onboarding, expense submissions, time-off requests, and more.  

Make data-driven decisions

Make decisions based on real-time reporting and digital-led insights

Stop relying on gut feel and educated guesses and make decisions based on the latest, most accurate data and insights.

Empower the people who find your people with HR automation


Get top talent hired and working faster. Software robots provide unbiased scoring of candidates and streamline new hire paperwork and onboarding.


Keep HR staff focused on making a difference, not paperwork. Simplify day-to-day HR operations such as reporting, enrolling and tracking contingent workers, and updating employee contracts and documentation.


Take the delay and frustration out of the payroll process with automated changes to payroll systems. Make it simpler to update benefit statuses and provide decision support in developing competitive compensation models.


Help employees help themselves by interacting with chatbots that can answer the most commonly posed HR, payroll, and benefits questions on demand.


Keep your workforce safe and in compliance with automated checks and regulatory submissions and updates.


Give your employees the tools to be their best. Software robots can automate the delivery of educational materials, help managers build performance plans, and track employee training.

Wie Automatisierung Ihre Unternehmenskultur stärkt
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Software robots create more time for HR departments to drive organizational purpose

See how RPA is helping HR departments recruit smarter, hire faster, and streamline their operations.

Automate your HR departmentend-to-end


Data extraction

AI-powered software robots can read understand documents and emulate aspects of human decision making—expanding the range of HR use cases.


System and process integration

Automation can help bridge the gaps between incompatible systems for HR, payroll, benefits, and procurement—helping create smoother processes that span functional silos.  


Democratized automation development

Translate your HR expertise into faster, smarter ways of doing things. Build, monitor, and maintain automations without IT assistance. 


Human-robot collaboration

Attended robots can streamline and simplify many of the most common HR processes and loop in their human counterparts when there’s a decision or specific action required. 

HR’s automated futureis ready and waiting

Check out the UiPath Marketplace for a look at prebuilt HR automations and connectors that are ready to help you make a difference today.

Shift from human resource managers to employee-experience builders.

We’ll show you how.