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*Last updated June 1, 2021.

UiPath Health and Safety General Conference Policy

As vaccination programs continue to rapidly accelerate in many countries around the world, we are excited to welcome you back, in person, to UiPath conferences later this year and beyond.

UiPath will hold in-person conferences only in locations that meet our health and safety criteria to help ensure the well-being of attendees, exhibitors, partners and our employees. These criteria include adhering to national government and health agency guidelines in countries where the vaccine is readily available to the majority of the population, in addition to taking all practical actions on-site. We also seek venues that support substantial interaction outdoors and in wide open spaces. We will hold venues to the highest expectations for hand sanitizer stations, ventilation and continuous cleaning.

UiPath Forward IV Health Measures

Although FORWARD IV is still months away, we are taking steps to allay fears, increase confidence and ensure our “tribe” feels comfortable and safe throughout our event experience. The following are examples early on in our planning efforts:

  • We have created an “inside-out” experience. We have moved Expertsville, a unique exhibit area of best practices and learning, to the pool deck outside. This is where most of the face-to-face interaction happens, so having this outside greatly reduces any type of airborne infection danger.
  • We have limited the capacity of our Keynote Theatre. We have moved the keynote theatre to the Grand Ballroom, which has a seating capacity of 5,000. Yet, we are planning for only 2,300 seats and are designing the rows to be widely spaced, with small tables between seats to provide more space while also giving a hospitable place to put your coffee cup or iPad or notebook.
  • We will be streaming the keynote presentations to the monitors outside in Expertsville. We’ll also be streaming so people can watch from their hotel rooms, if they feel more comfortable there.
  • We have adjusted our meal plans to include the following:
    • Seated lunches will be at 72” round tables which normally seat up to 11 guests. We will limit # of seats to 9 at each table
    • Grab-and-go boxed lunches will be available for those wanting to eat in their rooms or in Expertsville
    • Breakfast choices will be plated individually (bamboo plates with lids or similar serving dishes) and can be eaten outside or at tables with adequate spacing
    • Food at Joe Bars and Fruit basket will be individually plated or wrapped and attended to by Bellagio personnel
  • We are providing masks in the welcome bag, along with hand sanitizer (and sunscreen). Additional masks will be available throughout the event duration.
  • We are considering use of a bracelet system (red, yellow, green.) which we have used at very recent events that helped keep people appropriately separate as needed.
  • Our welcome reception on Monday evening as well as our Automation Celebration on Tuesday evening will be held outdoors.
  • We will be abiding by CDC guidelines, and the laws of Nevada and Las Vegas, as they are in force in late September 2021. We anticipate that some precautions widely used today, such as individual temperature checks, may not be customary, and will adapt our health safety procedures accordingly.

UiPath has already embarked on extraordinary changes to adapt FORWARD IV to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We will continue using common sense steps to ensure the comfort, confidence and safety of the UiPath tribe at FORWARD IV. We fully expect our steps will exceed recommendations and compliance requirements at the time of our event.

Building on our FORWARD conference tradition, we look “forward” to welcoming our customers, partners, analysts, media and employees to join us at the industry’s premier event dedicated exclusively to Automation, digital transformation and the future of work.


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