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Looking for ways to automate beyond rule-based processes? UiPath AI Center (formerly AI Fabric) operationalizes AI and makes it easy to deploy, manage, and continuously improve machine learning (ML) models. Simply drag and drop ML models into your automation workflows, and start automating cognitive processes. No data science background required!

Use any ML models you choose—we’re open

Use any ML models you choose—we are open

Bring your own ML models. Or use pre-built ML models from UiPath partners or from AI Center. We offer more than 25 ML models. Quickly deploy models into production so you can focus on high-value work.

Insert AI with drag-and-drop ease

Drag and drop ML models into your business processes

Use the intuitive interface in UiPath Studio to insert ML models into your automations in a flash. Easily test the ML models before you run, and scale them to as many robots as you want.

Monitor and manage models

Monitor and manage models

Get end-to-end visibility on model use. Keep track of data, model performance, user actions, and pipelines. Version control models and automatically undeploy inactive ML models.

Improve constantly

Improve continuously

Bring humans in the loop to validate model predictions, and automatically send data back for model retraining. Choose when to run the training pipeline—now, time-based, or recurringly. Get accuracy scores and training run reports to evaluate model performance. 

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Same powerful engine, different ways to deploy

In our cloud

  • Deploy, manage and improve ML models on UiPath Automation Cloud™

  • No infrastructure, no maintenance

  • Uptime guarantee for enterprise version

  • Full range of out-of-the-box ML models

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  • Deploy, manage and improve ML models locally

  • You install, you manage

  • Fully integrated with on-premises Orchestrator

  • Full range of out-of-the-box ML models

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25+ pre-built models​ and AI Center use case videos​

  • Machine Learning (ML) models

    • Choose any of the +25 pre-built ML models or deploy your own ML models with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

    • Deploy at your choice securely—in the cloud, or on-premises

    Watch the demo
  • Object detection​

    • Enhance the speed and quality of complex decision making

    • Reliably act upon data captured by ML models and send new data back to continuously re-train the models

    See the demo
  • Email classification​

    • Rely on a ML model to quickly classify emails into different folders

    • And not only emails; it works with resumes, IT service tickets, product reviews, and more

    Watch the demo
  • Language analysis​

    • Out-of-the-box ML model gets you sentiment analysis and text summarization

    • Predict language and sentiment​ and get that translated for you

    Watch the sentiment analysis demo
  • Image analysis​

    • Detect objects in images​

    • Classify images into different types​

    • Analyze product labels​

    • Identify number of people in an image​

    Watch the AI Summit keynote session
  • Tabular data​

    • Predict customer demand, churn, and lifetime value​

    • Predict loan default, and probability to win RFP ​

    • Predict disease, fraudulent medical claims, and patient readmission​

    See the diabetes prediction demo

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Bring AI into a wide range of business process across industries

  • Choose any of the +25 pre-built ML models or deploy your own ML models with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

  • Deploy at your choice securely—in the cloud, or on-premises

Watch the demo
How AI Can Continuously Improve and Scale Automations
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UiPath Academy

AI Center Overview

  • Learn how to use ML models in RPA workflows

  • An RPA developer says he couldn’t think of other ways to learn AI and ML

  • One of the most popular Academy courses in the past two years

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Manage and Scale AI to Achieve Faster ROI
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AI 101: Things You Should Know to Build Smarter Robots

Get the session recording to learn AI fundamentals and best practices for ML lifecycle management.

  • Identify use cases suitable for AI

  • Evaluate the ML model performance

  • Maintain and retrain ML models

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