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When an automation includes decisions that a person should make—like approvals, escalations, and exceptions—UiPath Action Center makes it easy and efficient to hand off the process from robot to person. And back again.

Automate big money opportunities, end-to-end

Automate big money opportunities, end to end​

Processes that span business units and require robot-people handoffs are big ROI opportunities—but they can be hard to automate end to end. We give you the skilled robots plus the management tools you need to do it. Ka-ching!​

Build robots that know ​when to pause... and resume

Build robots that know ​when to pause... and resume​

Get drag-and-drop tools that let you easily build robots that can handle the start-and-stop, come-and-go of human interactions. Our robots can pause and resume work, drop off work to their person, and efficiently keep busy with another task until it’s time to pick the job back up.

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Make it easy for people to pick up the ball​

Make it easy for people to pick up the ball​

Forget sifting through hundreds of emails—Action Center gives users a central portal where they can see all their tasks and supporting documents, take actions, and pass the job back to a robot right then and there. Even from their mobile device.​

Trigger unattended processes with a single click

Initiate unattended automations through form-based input and file upload. No need to log in to UiPath Orchestrator or worry about activities behind the scenes. Stay updated on automation status and results.

See clearly into complex workflows

See clearly into complex workflows

Track and monitor complex processes across business units, tasks, people, and robots from a central portal. Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies to make workflows flow faster. And get a full audit trail for compliance.​

First-rate third-party integrations

First-rate third party integrations ​

If you already use external tools like business process management software to handle part of a process, simply use our APIs to connect them with Action Center. Manage document exceptions easily with UiPath Validation Station integration.​ And ensure processes stay within your control with the UiPath Process Mining integration.

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Action Center is one critical element that is used for human validation or a correction station interface.

Abhinav Kolhe

Head Technology Office: Intelligent Automation, Cognizant

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Collaborating for automation

Fully automate long-running, document-intensive activities

Focus where efficiency gains and ROI are highest

Invoice processing

Let a robot extract the invoice data, match POs, and trigger payment processes, while people just handle approvals and exceptions.

Employee journey management

Keep people focused on managing people while robots handle employee data collection, posting, and other administrative tasks.

Credit account creation

Focus robots on validating credit scores, populating account data, and activating accounts, while people review and approve.

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Executives say their biggest barrier to automation scaling is process fragmentation*

Action Center lets you break through the fragmentation.

*Deloitte survey of executives from 29 countries, 2021

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Automating Invoice Processing with UiPath Action Center


Learn how to automate more advanced processes and improve machine learning models with Action Center​
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Learn to build long-running workflows and automating advanced processes

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Learn how to build long-running workflows and automate advanced processes
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Tap into the full power of the UiPath Platform

UiPath Process Mining

  • Process understanding to find best processes

  • Tools make short work out of finding, prioritizing, and mapping complex processes

See UiPath Process Mining

UiPath Studio

  • Studio to build collaborative robots

  • Drag and drop the skills you need from the Activities folder

See UiPath Studio

UiPath Document Understanding

  • Document understanding to extract data

  • Pull the data that process owners need to act on; pull and insert data into systems

See UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Orchestrator

  • Orchestrator to coordinate it all

  • Centralize management and compliance - and manage from anywhere with the mobile app

See UiPath Orchestrator

Get going on those long-running processes​