Expertly manage and operate a data-driven automation program with RPA analytics

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UiPath Insights is an RPA analytics solution that enables your business to track, measure, and manage the performance of your entire automation program—so you can scale your automation journey to the next level.

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“The ROI dashboard is amazing, it’s very easy to calculate not just the hours saved but the other positive impacts we deliver that benefit our company.”

Jean Younger

Chief Digital Officer, Security Benefit Life Insurance Company​

Measure the performance of RPA operations

Track and measure automation performance

  • Start out with a library of customizable pre-built dashboard templates to track your robots, queues, and processes.

  • With self-serve analytics, you and your team can measure and forecast the performance of each robot to make informed decisions that reduce errors, maximize usage, and improve efficiency.

Calculate RPA's impact on your bottom line

Maximize business impact

  • Track and measure meaningful organizational metrics, including the time and money saved for each of your automations, to validate and guide your automation program investments.

  • Use custom metrics in your automations to track business-specific KPIs, and report on them through Insights. Learn more here.

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Platform integrations

  • Visualize automation complexity, estimated costs, and benefits of your projects with the Automation Hub integration. Compare estimated vs actual ROI of automation ideas.

  • Measure and report on the performance of document-processing automations with an integration with Document Understanding (private preview).

Shareable reports

Share dashboards and reports

  • Easily create and share dashboards and reports to drive strategic, data-driven discussions.

  • Create alerts for goals and thresholds, and setup notifications for critical events and major milestones.

  • Export and analyze your Insights data with real-time data export to Splunk, PowerBI, and Elasticsearch.

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  • Obtain expert-level knowledge of how to utilize RPA analytics, maximizing the ROI of automations within your business

  • 94% of organizations believe data and analytics is important to their digital transformation and business growth

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