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UiPath Insights is an RPA analytics solution that tracks, measures, and forecasts the performance of your entire automation program—so you can propel your automation journey to the next level. Play Video Button

Track what matters

From the C-suite to the CoE, everyone can see automation program ROI—from a close-up view of a single automation to the big picture.


Look, learn, and act

Gain a deeper understanding of your automations with clear dashboards and one-click drilldowns.

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Report results quickly and easily

Instantly share reports with key stakeholders across the company. Give teams access to self-service analyses and custom reporting.

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What's well-measured gets well managed

Data-driven analysis of each automation helps you maximize performance and impact


Analyze RPA performance and business metrics—in detail


Create smart alerts and custom reports for goals, critical events, and major milestones


Track and troubleshoot process exceptions and bottlenecks


Use ML-based models to find anomalies; view historical trends to forecast performance


Deep-dive into queues and transactions


Increase visibility with additional dashboards from UiPath Marketplace

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