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UiPath Insights is an RPA analytics solution that tracks, measures, and forecasts the performance of your entire automation program—so you can propel your automation journey to the next level.

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Measure better with a complete RPA analytics package

Take the next step in your automation journey:​

  • Use our library of curated dashboards, including Robots, Processes, and Queues, or easily create your own

  • Calculate and forecast the business impact of your automations—including time and money saved

  • Share results quickly with key stakeholders across your company with self-service, custom RPA reporting



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Measure the performance of RPA operations 

Start with the Robots, Queues, and Processes dashboards to get immediate visibility into the effectiveness of your RPA operations.


Calculate RPA's impact on your bottom line

Your business and processes require unique KPIs to define success. Start by tracking the time and money saved by each of your automations right out of the box. 


Forecasting and anomaly detection

Use historical trends to forecast performance and future operational states. Leverage embedded ML models to find anomalies.


Shareable reports

Easily create and share updates with key stakeholders and process owners to drive strategic discussions and actions across the entire enterprise.


Custom alerts and notifications

Create smart alerts for customizable goals and thresholds, then utilize Pulse to receive notifications of critical events and major milestones with several delivery methods.

Increasing Awareness

Downloadable dashboards

Find new dashboards, including one for long-running workflows in the UiPath Marketplace.

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  • Obtain expert-level knowledge of how to utilize RPA analytics, maximizing the ROI of automations within your business
  • 94% of organizations believe data and analytics is important to their digital transformation and business growth

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