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Turn great ideas from anyone into great automations for everyone—with more control, faster implementation, and impact you can measure. 

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Scale up with the power of crowdsourcing​

Scale up with the power of crowdsourcing​

Democratize and scale your automation program with an internal community of idea contributors, citizen developers, and automation users.

See how Automation Hub works for idea contributors
Inspire contributors to keep contributing

Inspire contributors to keep contributing

Engage and reward top contributors to create a thriving and evergreen automation program.

Centrally manage your automation pipeline

Centrally manage your automation pipeline

See and control everything from idea to production, from your own command center.

Use data to prioritize your pipeline

Use data to prioritize your pipeline

Prioritize ideas based on their automation assessment score, maximizing organizational impact.

Visualize your map to ROI

Visualize your map to ROI

Visualize automation complexity and payback costs to project your ROI.

Autogenerate docs for devs

Autogenerate docs for devs (and everyone)

Run Task Capture to document a process. Export the process as PDDs or XAML files so your business analysts and developers can start automating the automatable.

Share automations across your company

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Share and govern internal automations from citizen developers as ready-to-use automations.

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"Introducing citizen-led automation allows us to tackle the automation pipeline from both the top-down and the bottom-up. This helps us spread even more awareness of automation as more people can actually get the tools in their hands and start automating."

Kate Hall

Automation Solutions Architect, dentsu

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Automation Hub benefits everyone

Automation Hub benefits everyone

Idea contributors

  • Get a robot to do the work you hate

  • Be rewarded for ideas

  • See the impact of your experience

  • Collaborate and learn

Citizen developers

  • Share your personal time-saving automations

  • Make your team more effective

  • Help scale the center of excellence through your expertise

  • Add to your automation resume

CoE owners

  • Manage high-scale automation, end-to-end

  • Ditch your pipeline spreadsheets

  • Build and manage a great pipeline

  • Standardize, share, and reuse components

  • Easily track progress and impact


  • Increase your automation program’s ROI by better prioritizing automation

  • Drive automation adoption by empowering anyone, organization-wide, to submit automation ideas

Learn to scale with UiPath Automation Hub
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UiPath Academy

Learn to scale with UiPath Automation Hub

  • See how to accelerate RPA adoption across your organization through Automation Hub

  • Follow an idea through the automation lifecycle, from start to end

Discover processes from any angle​

Discover processes from any angle​

Complementary solutions that work together to accelerate automations and optimize processes:

Task Mining—analyze work people do to find everyday, repetitive tasks

Process Mining—analyze data from business applications to understand end-to-end processes

Task Capture—easily document and map business workflows

Automation Hub—centrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI

Manage your RPA initiatives at scale ​with UiPath Automation Hub​