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Automation Hub

Discover, prioritize, and track automation ideas in one place

Manage the entire automation lifecycle with instant transparency and control

Capture automation ideas from those who know the work best—the employees themselves. Work with all the right people in the organization, including IT and your business partners, to drive automation opportunities that make a real difference to your company.

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Manage the entire automation lifecycle with instant transparency and control

Capture automation opportunities — spreadsheet-free!
Manage the stream of automations at a consistent pace and quality
Measure the ROI from automation in one place
Curate, govern, and standardize automations across your company
Save time automating by re-using automation components

Get the right people to drive your company’s digital transformation

Center of Excellence (CoE) leaders and their teams

Ensure an evergreen, well-vetted automation pipeline, and create new business opportunities by sharing automations across your company.

The C-suite

Automation is your differentiator. Unleash your organization’s untapped potential and improve employee engagement.

Employees with automation ideas

Find more joy in your work, and help guide your company’s automation strategy, whether your idea saves 10 minutes—or 10 million.

Finally, an easy path to automation at scale

  • Prioritize automations and track their progress—from idea to production

  • Reward your employees for their automation ideas

  • Easily create Process Definition Documents with Task Capture (included in Automation Hub)

  • Keep all your automation artifacts in one place

  • Securely share automation components across your organization

  • Measure and prove the success of your entire RPA program


Transform employee knowledge into organizational wisdom with Task Capture

Included in Automation Hub

  • Collect essential process details right from your subject matter experts

  • Automatically document prospective processes

  • Customize your Process Definition Documents with annotations, step descriptions, and editable templates

  • Connect your process experts and RPA developers with one-click export to Word and UiPath Studio

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“Before, we were capturing automation ideas manually. The effort consumed a lot of our CoE team’s time as well as our business partners’, and it was difficult to control. Now we have a unified platform that enables us to identify automation opportunities faster and helps us prioritize everything.”

Zeliha Çalışkan - IT Business Partner, Financials, & HR - BSH Home Appliances Group

“We had the opportunity to test the software in advance and we are thrilled. We expect a lot of time savings, less discussions and much better experience from idea-selection through assessment, until development.”

Markus Werner - Project Manager for IT Applications, Alphabet International GmbH, a BMW Group Company

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