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Meet Your Robots

With a robot for every person, how much more could we achieve?

Attended or unattended robots?
How about both.

UiPath robots run the automations you create in UiPath Studio. Deploy robots at scale across your organization and manage robots securely with UiPath Orchestrator.

Attended robots

Your helpful collaborators, they work with you to speed up service desk, helpdesk, and contact center activities—any task where human involvement is key.

Unattended robots

They operate without human touch, maximizing cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. Play Video Button

Look at that robot go!

Start doing in minutes what you now do in hours

Automate more with AI skills

Your robots are learning AI skills.
Add artificial intelligence to your automations—just drag and drop.

  • Visual Understanding

    With AI Computer Vision, your robots recognize and interact with more on-screen fields and components— including elements on virtual desktop interfaces (VDI), Flash, Silverlight, PDFs, and images.

    How does AI Computer Vision help me automate?

  • Document Understanding

    Automate high volumes of receipts and invoices using your robots’ native machine learning capability to process documents.

    Read how robots use AI to streamline accounts payable and expense management.

  • Conversational Understanding

    Your robots can understand meaning from natural language inputs. They can answer questions and take directions, improving your customer and employee experience.

    Leverage a partner directly through the UiPath platform: Google dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Avaamo,, Druid, IBM Watson Empathy packages.

Powerful automation at your fingertips

Flexible automation

Easily integrate your robots with third-party applications via process variables that are dynamically updated during runtime using our rich API. Additionally, robots can interact with end users via HTML forms for input and direction. Robots can automatically begin work as soon as the user logs in. Pause or resume ongoing automation to work on any ad-hoc task.

Concurrent automation


Get more results in less time by running parallel processes at the same time.

Invisible automation

Allows users to pull up screens and do other work while robots run automated workflows hidden in the background.

Auto-start processes


Start processes automatically as you open the robot tray. Monitor the actions of the human agent, and instantly start a process as needed. Let the robot help you as you begin your day, by automatically starting various processes when you boot up.

Auto-download processes


Never worry that your processes are not up to date. The robot will automatically detect and install new versions as soon as they become available.

Run processes under locked screen

Robots comply with enterprise security standards by running automated processes behind locked screens.

Auto-login Windows session

Unattended robots run completely autonomous process automation by auto-logging into a Windows session.

Centralized configuration

Configure and deploy robots remotely from Orchestrator automatically. There is no need for manual configuration on-premises. Great for operational scalability across global business units.

Centralized licensing

Managing robot licenses is easier than ever before. Licenses are centralized in Orchestrator, making it easier to maintain thousands of robots.

Robot API


Control the robot by getting the list of available processes, starting and stopping the process, and building new integrations to better fit your setup.

Process chaining


Invoke and reuse processes from previous workflows to speed up your development times.

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