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UiPath Robots

Get strategic while our Robots perform your important repetitive tasks

Attended or unattended automation?
You don’t have to choose.

Attended automation
Attended Robots collaborate with you on business activities where human intervention is required, speeding up repetitive front-office tasks. They reside on your workstation and are perfect collaborators in service desk, helpdesk and call center activities.
They work discreetly in the background while you continue with uninterrupted work, ensuring high productivity, and low handling times.
Unattended automation
Unattended Robots operate without human touch, maximizing cost and performance benefits for any variety of back-office activities. These Robots can be provisioned from Orchestrator to run either in physical or virtual environments. Schedule them to self-start, stop and run only on your organization’s official working days. Access Robots remotely from Orchestrator and license, schedule, manage, monitor and audit their activity centrally. They will work tirelessly and efficiently at any scale.

Process automation

Greater precision, accuracy, and reliability than any other in the industry. Two innovative technologies are at the heart of this accomplishment.

Computer vision

Our Robots ability to read from various unstructured data sources like SAP, Oracle, Citrix, and Mainframes have helped make UiPath a leader in RPA. It gives our robots “eyes” to “see” how objects relate, just like us humans; lets them find screen elements contextually, and instantly (like humans) adjust to changes on the screen - or the screen itself. No other robot can do this, yet.

Intelligent image recognition

Our unmatched Citrix/Virtual automation relies upon OCR processing algorithms developed by the computer vision group-which enable computer vision to locate virtual environment screen images in less than 100 milliseconds.

Key Features