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UiPath software robots are intelligent, reliable, flexible, and eager to take on a huge range of tedious tasks. They’re also easy to build and manage, so you can launch an entire robot workforce to quickly deliver efficiencies, higher performance, and high ROI. Play Video Button

Meet robots that can automate practically anything

Here’s just some of what they can handle: desktop, web, text-based data, Citrix, business apps, email, IT, Office, and, of course, human actions. Did we miss anything you’re looking for? Just ask.


Whatever technology you work with, our robots will, too

UiPath robots have great relationships with multiple platforms. They’re very cozy with enterprise applications like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle, and office apps like Microsoft Office, to name just a few. See all compatible technologies.


Manage robots centrally from wherever you are

Keep track of robots, monitor their performance, and get mobile alerts in Orchestrator.


Get a robot that’s right for the task
from the broadest selection in the industry

Attended robots

If you need some personal support, look no further. Attended robots await your direction. You do the decision-based work, and the robot does the rest.

Unattended robots

They work alone; people step in only when necessary. These robots handle advanced, task-heavy, long-running processes.

Hybrid robots

Get the best of both worlds: finish daily tasks with the help of your attended robot and leave the unattended robot to compile reports overnight.


Why do you need a software bot? We’ve counted the ways…

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Find out what our robots do, and what they can do for you…

Explore robot types


Attended vs. Unattended Automations: differences, benefits, use cases, and more...

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Get even more from your attended robots with UiPath Assistant

When you can access, manage, and run automations from your desktop, it’s easy to bring them into everything you do.

UiPath Assistant lets you:

Manage an enterprise-wide automation program that puts quality first.

  • Set up a schedule, or launch an automation as you’re working in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and other popular programs

  • Connect a robot to any desktop application

  • Run multiple automations at once, or run them in the background while you do something else

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Imagine what your company can do when every employee gets their own robot assistant

Benefit from RPA at scale with a robot for every person.


Easily drag and drop intelligence into robots to automate cognitive processes

Use our AI Skills—or your own

Adding AI Skills to RPA opens up a world of cognitive processes to automation. Use our AI Skills—Document Understanding, Visual Understanding, and Conversational Understanding. Or bring your own models, open-source, or those from our AI partner ecosystem through the UiPath Connect Marketplace.

Insert AI into robots with ease

Use Studio to drag and drop AI Skills into robots, just like you’d handle any other robot activity.

Manage everything with AI Fabric

Get end-to-end, every-level visibility over model usage, updates, and versioning with AI Fabric. And continually improve models.

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See what an unattended robot can do for you

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Product Demo

Explore the power of attended automation

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Sarah Burnett

"We have a wealth of talent in the company and the robots are allowing us to bring this out and leverage it, by freeing us from those tasks that we all know have to be done but do not satisfy us either personally or professionally."

Javier Castellanos ·  Head of Robot Factory, Orange

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