Bring powerful no-code data modeling and storage to automation projects

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Ditch the data silos, the security concerns, and one-off data schemas. And give developers simple, easy, productive access to the data, variables, and tools they need across the entire UiPath Platform.

Pull data from every place

Put data from every place into one great place

Integrate easily with any enterprise or legacy system, database, or custom app. Bring that data into a single, scalable, secure place with a drag-and-drop storage interface. Then make it click-simple to bring trustable, fresh, and consistent information into every automation.

Sound like a plan?

Seamlessly access and reuse data across multiple automations

Forget about building connections into different enterprise systems for each automation. You’ll have a centralized source for high-quality data; reusable, consistent data schemas; and shareable variables. And you can drag & drop to connect to data from all your automations.

Secure your data

Secure your data, securely

Move data off desktops (and other random sites) and bring it into a central repository with enterprise-grade security. Use our role-based access controls to get data into the hands of the people who need it (and out of the hands of those who don’t).


Get ready to scale

As your automations grow in number and scope, the amount of data they’ll need will, too. Good thing Data Service has been built for scale, with the limitless capacity and security of Automation Cloud™ behind it.

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Developers: Leave data-wrangling in your rearview mirror

Model your data as data entities with just a few clicks—no coding required.

Model common business data with rich data types

Model all common business data with rich data types

Support multiple types of data creation with data types like text, number, date-time, files, choice sets, and relationship—plus additional attributes like default values, minimums, maximums, and more.

Work seamlessly across the UiPath Platform

With one click, integrate data and rich entity variables into Studio and App Studio. Easily bring data into and out of RobotsAI Center, and more. And easily integrate data models with Apps and processes for both attended and unattended robots.

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COE/IT Leads: Give your automation program the data capabilities it needs to thrive



No silos or data proliferation: everything you need in one place


Simple to use

Easy, no-code support to bring data into automations



Share data easily from Studio and via Open API endpoints; reuse schema and variables



Enterprise-grade controls over the data and access to it



Auto-scale as your business requires, with no limits in sight


Always the latest

Get product updates automatically; no manual updating required

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Easily create a business entity the no-code way​

Watch how to model and manage business data centrally and access it seamlessly​.

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