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UiPath Studio gives everyone from business users to advanced developers the right automation canvas to build great software robots —and organizations the right governance tools to manage it all. Play Video Button

Design automations fast with an easy drag-and-drop editor

  • Simply record your workflows. Skip the error-prone manual programming.

  • Borrow pre-built automation activities to help you build automations easier.

  • Support every department and workflow with collaboration tools and easy third-party component integration.

  • Shareable and reusable components make you
    more collaborative—and productive.


Anyone can build a robot with UiPath Studio

Business users

Not a developer, but want to automate a simple task for you or your team? It's easy with

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RPA developers

Build advanced automations run by attended or unattended robots, using

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Specialized developers

Automate with AI, advanced RPA features, testing tools, and sophisticated coding services in

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Business users: build a simple robot to take on tasks with StudioX

No-code, drag-and-drop construction makes it simple.

A purpose-built version of our classic Studio product. It comes with:

  • A Project Notebook that lets you apply your Microsoft Excel knowledge to automation

  • Simple scheduling of robots without re-opening StudioX, by using UiPath Assistant

  • Native integration to Microsoft Office including pre-configured automations of frequent day-to-day tasks

  • Intuitive error handling so you can Skip, Retry, or Stop if your robot gets stuck (hey, it happens)

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RPA developers: take on more with rapid-build capabilities in Studio

Our most popular automation development environment, featuring:

  • Robust debugging tools

  • Workflow recorders, wizards, selectors, and Document Understanding to automate any desktop or web application

  • Source control integration with Git, TFS, FSTS, VSTS, and SVN

  • Command Palette supporting search across libraries, activities, projects, and open workflows

  • Custom code integration with VB.NET, Python, AutoHotkey, JavaScript, PowerShell, and Java direct into automations

  • Activities libraries with pre-built templates, RPA components, and AI components

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Specialized developers: break new ground with Studio Pro

Our most advanced Studio IDE includes testing tools and cutting-edge RPA features and coding services.

All the advanced features of Studio plus additional testing capabilities:

  • Easily test applications as well as automations with application and RPA testing

  • Run testing with different data variations with data driven test cases

  • Studio Pro is integrated in the larger Test Suite

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Center of Excellence teams: ensure quality, security, and compliance

Workflow Analyzer and Orchestrator give you top-level, cross-company control.

All Studio products come with a common core and implementation rules while providing an experience best fit for every user level:

  • Package feed manager to ensure uniform sources throughout the company

  • Workflow Analyzer rules enable consistent development paradigms

  • Backstage settings ensure scalable automation for all Studio users

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Still not sure which Studio version is right for you?

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Studio at a glance

Find out everything there is to know about the Studio family of products and decide which of the versions is right for you.

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Free Academy training

Get started with a course about advanced IT automation. More topics are available for both beginners and advanced users.

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StudioX overview

Get an in-depth look at what StudioX has to offer, and find out more about task automation.

StudioX overview (PDF)


From Advanced Automation to Testing Automation: UiPath Studio and UiPath Studio Pro

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Sarah Burnett

"It is very easy to learn and understand and the only thing you need to know is how to operate the PC. UiPath will help you learn the rest and help make you an expert in RPA through its Academy and Forum. UiPath Studio is not one of the best tool for RPA, but THE best tool for RPA."

A Studio version for everyone, to build a robot for every person