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UiPath Studio

Create your own robot easily

Visually design your robots

With hundreds of activity templates and ready-made components to drag and drop, you’ll be creating your first robot quicker than you can say: “If you hate it, automate it!”


Automation made for all

Accessible and friendly

It’s visual, it’s drag-and-drop, and code-free. With just a little bit of training, anyone can do it.

Smart — with templates

Hundreds of templates and pre-built automation components to get you going.

Collaborative; built for sharing

Team up and work on automations together. Share automation components and resources across the organization.

Automation that developers love

Automate faster

Use workflow recorders and wizards to rapidly automate human interactions with desktop apps, web apps, Citrix environments, and terminal emulators.

For fast and easy troubleshooting, a visual debugger highlights errors and displays a message.

Automate more

Design powerful and complex automations by incorporating custom VB.NET, Python, AutoHotkey, JavaScript, PowerShell, and Java code directly into automations.

Drag and drop artificial intelligence (AI) into your automations. Real, pragmatic, and simple.

Automate together

Get your development team to collaborate with source control, powerful integrations, and workflow analyzers.

Build components and share them with your organization, or download more RPA and AI components from our partners on Go! — the marketplace.

“The tool with the best user experience. Integration and development made easy. It has excellent integration with Outlook, Excel, etc. (…) Once you have experience with UiPath, you will be able to see opportunities at your workplace in a very different manner, which will help you digitize your processes.”

Create your first robot in Studio today

Select the right Studio product for you

UiPath Studio

Get full control over your automations and harness the power of UiPath with advanced activities and powerful debugging tools.

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UiPath Studio X

Rapidly automate without the need for developer resources or coding — making automation accessible to all.

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Project explorer

View, navigate, test, and manage your workflow files.

Project templates

Logging, exception handling, and application initialization in out-of-the-box automation templates.

Source control

Directly integrated with Git, TFS, VSTS, and SVN.

Activities libraries

A rich collection of pre-built, drag-and-drop templates, and ready-made RPA and AI components.

Universal search

Search across all automation resources (libraries, activities, projects, and open workflows).

Documenting rules

Accurate knowledge transfer and error checking. A Workflow analyzer makes sure implementations are correct.

Modular architecture

Build wizards and plugins; then deploy them using the Package Manager. Studio allows you to install activities packages, wizards, recorders, and custom plugins.

Test your workflows

Analyze automated processes using visual, step-by-step process execution, breakpoints, and highlighting of target elements. A global exception handler simplifies debugging and catches unexpected errors.

Get in the Studio and create your first robot!

We’re always here to help you on your RPA journey, in any way we can.