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Build new automations faster and centrally manage API integrations for the systems you need.

"Using the UiPath OpenAI Connector, we can leverage GPT models to prewrite responses to customer inquiries, or for summarizing and distilling longer documents into key points. This is an asset when faced with character limits or size constraints."

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Aaron Phillips

Manager Intelligent Automation, Reveal Group

Aaron Phillips, Manager Intelligent Automation @ Reveal Group
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Who should be using Integration Service?


CoE and IT

  • Govern corporate systems

  • Share connections and triggers

  • Extend your Connector Catalog


Automation developer

  • Access to full range of APIs

  • Build and share API automations

  • Easily customizable connectors


Citizen developer

  • Curated activities and triggers

  • Build your own connector

  • Select from prebuilt templates

New in Integration Service

More ways of accelerating connectivity for your systems and apps across any automation

  • Generative AI Connectors

    Use prebuilt GenAI connectors to build AI-powered automatons accessing a variety of large language models (LLM).

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  • Connector Builder

    Create and share new API connectors across the UiPath Platform.

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  • Enhanced Connector Catalog Experience

    Quickly find the prebuilt connector(s) you need—and then choose how to start your project in Studio or Studio Web.

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  • HTTP Webhook Connector

    Capture and subscribe to real-time events from external systems to trigger your workflow.

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  • API Usage View

    Monitor and asses API usage to best manage your licensing needs.

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Generative AI connectors

Use prebuilt GenAI connectors to build AI-powered automatons accessing a variety of large language models (LLM).

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Choose from a large and growing catalog of curated connectors

Choose from a large and growing catalog of curated connectors

  • Create new automations using prebuilt, best-in-class API integrations

  • Automate workflows across Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft, Office 365, SAP®, ServiceNow, Adobe Document Services—and more​

  • Make your robots even smarter! Integrate ChatGPT into your next automation​

  • Enable citizen developers to easily deploy API-based integrations for many business processes, such as order-to-cash, contact-to-lead management, and proposal-to-contract processing

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UiPath integration with SAP
UiPath integration with Salesforce
UiPath integration with ServiceNow
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UiPath integration with Dropbox
UiPath integration with Coupa
UiPath integration with Google Docs
UiPath integration with Google Drive
UiPath integration with Outlook
UiPath integration with Google Sheets
UiPath integration with Oracle NetSuite
UiPath integration with Jira
No Connector? Create your own with Connector Builder

No connector? Create your own with Connector Builder

  • Help drive your automations by unlocking the value of third-party APIs

  • Create necessary automation connectivity as you need it

  • Import common API formats, including Swagger, YAML, and Postman collections​

  • Easily add customizable activities and triggers within a single, no-code user experience (UX)

  • Reduce connector rework by sharing new integrations directly with Integration Service Connector Catalog and UiPath Marketplace

See the Connector Builder for Integration Service brochure

Learn how IBM used UiPath Connector Builder to create a unique connector for watsonx.ai

Tom Ivory

"AI and GenAI are rapidly changing the global business landscape. We are excited that IBM’s watsonx.ai and UiPath Connector Builder together can now help create insights and efficiencies that can result in real value for clients."

Tom Ivory

Senior Partner, Vice President, Global Leader of Global Automation, IBM Consulting

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Boost your AI-powered automations with GenAI access to external models and activities

  • Use GenAI connectors to automatically generate text for sales, marketing, social media, and customer support processes

  • Leverage a library of popular LLMs such as GPT-3.5, 4, and 4V(ision); Falcon-40B; Titan; Jurassic; PaLM2; Gemini, Gemini Vision, to name a few

  • Discover how UiPath GenAI Activities Connector works directly with industry leading models, first-party UiPath activities, and our GenAI services

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Discover how UiPath developers can build out platform API automation capabilities

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Connection sharing

  • Easily share preconfigured Integration Service connections with groups, individuals, and attended and unattended automations​

  • Centrally govern, manage, and maintain user authorizations​

  • Connect through UiPath Studio, Studio Web, Apps, Assistant​

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Expand automation opportunities with easier connectivity

Expand automation opportunities with easier connectivity

Citizen developers and automation developers can:

  • Use activities for a uniform integration and design experience across Studio Web and Studio

  • Unlock the power of APIs through low-code/nocode tools​

  • Use curated activities to simplify API calls into typical business transactions or functions​


Simplify security

  • Get centralized, easy connection authentication via protocols like OAuth​

  • Reuse connections easily across automations

  • Keep authentications up to date

Have robots automatically respond to triggers with event-driven workflows

Have automations respond to triggers with event-driven workflows

  • Empower robots to work automatically across dozens of applications

  • Kick off automations based on events in connected systems

  • Execute workflows for cross-system processes like order-to-shipment, purchase-to-pay, or multi-stage email marketing campaigns

  • Use data filters to drill down to specific conditions for next process steps

Fast, smart customer onboarding with Salesforce, ServiceNow, and ChatGPT

See API-to-API automation in action using Studio Web

Explore API automation topics with our product experts

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Work smarter with GenAI and application connectors

Easily integrating Generative AI capabilities into new or preexisting processes is helping to make GenAI more accessible to business.

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UiPath GenAI Activities demo

Video Demo

Insert the power of GenAI into your automations

Watch this demo to understand why UiPath GenAI Activities represents a new kind of connector for providing direct access to models.

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How API Integration Supports Process Automation

White paper

How API Integration supports process automation

Understand how your team can design, build, and run automation at any scale, no matter how complex.

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Unlock more automation opportunities with UI and API integration