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Seamlessly combine world-class UI automation with API automation​

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Automate faster—and at scale​. Centrally access UI and API integration within the same environment. Deploy both in a single automation.

Choose from a large and growing catalog of prebuilt

Create and share new connectors​

  • Choose from a large and growing catalog of prebuilt, best-in-class connectors​

  • Automate workflows across Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft Office 365, SAP®, ServiceNow, Google G Suite—and more

  • Cover more integrations with UiPath Studio family designers

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Expand automation opportunities with easier connectivity

Expand automation opportunities with easier connectivity

Both citizen and RPA developers can:

  • Use Activity Packs for a uniform integration experience across all UiPath Studio/StudioX designers

  • Unlock the power of APIs through low-code/no code tools

  • Simplify API calls into typical business transactions or functions


Simplify security

  • Get centralized easy connection authentication via protocols like Oauth​

  • Reuse connections easily across automations

  • Keep authentications up to date

Server-side event triggers (Preview)​

Have robots react and respond automatically with server-side triggers

  • Empower robots to work automatically across dozens of applications

  • Kick-off automations based on events in connected systems

  • Execute workflows for cross-system processes like order-to-shipment, purchase-to-pay, or multi-stage email marketing campaigns

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Experience FORWARD IV 'The Best Bits' from home

For those of you who were unable to join us in person this year at FORWARD IV in Las Vegas, we’ve packaged up some of the 'Best Bits’ for you in this 3-volume series.

Example: use UiPath Integration Service to automate HR onboarding

Create a new record in Workday. And the robot is now triggered to do the rest.

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