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Orchestrator is the heart of your automation management. It gives you the power to provision, deploy, trigger, monitor, measure, track, and ensure the security of every robot in your organization. So now you can manage everything from your browser—or your mobile device.

Get very happy about Total Cost of Ownership

Get very happy about Total Cost of Ownership

With zero-touch provisioning, pluggable enterprise credential stores, OAuth 2.0 authorization for third party apps and the power to deploy processes simply by adding users to Active Directory groups, scaling automation won’t tax your operations—or your operating budget.​

Keep compliant with a complete audit trail

Keep compliant with a complete audit trail

Orchestrator tracks and logs everything every robot does, along with everything people do with robots, so you can keep compliant and secure. Drill-down dashboards and UiPath Insights give you full visibility from deployment to ROI.

Open up great connections

Open up great connections

Orchestrator lets you integrate with software and third-party products, gives you a range of deployment options, and brings you into a huge global RPA community and the UiPath Marketplace.

Easy access to all your enterprise automation

Easy access to all your enterprise automation

The new Orchestrator user interface is more compact, contextual, and intuitive. Get everything done faster—and give your mouse a break.

Orchestrate on the go

Orchestrate on the go

Securely monitor your robot workforce, get alerts and take action from anywhere with Orchestrator Mobile for iOS and Android.

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Product Spotlight: UiPath 20.4–Built for Hyperautomation
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Product Spotlight: UiPath 20.4–Built for Hyperautomation

The latest really is the greatest

Continual improvements, predictably delivered, and backward-compatible


Pluggable integration with core enterprise directory and credential systems including Active Directory, OAuth2, CyberArk, and Azure Key Vault to make management simpler​


Unattended robots that support running simultaneous UI-less multiple processes in one Windows session, for better hardware utilization


Modern folders with inheritance and Active Directory support offer Zero-touch provisioning to AD groups and consistent access removal for compliance


Modern folder migration assistance, and enhancements along with resource sharing across the folders smooth your path to the enterprise benefits of modern folders


User machine mapping at tenant level, addition of old classic machine to modern folders and re-creation of user machine pairs on Triggers help with advanced scheduling and resource management

Collaborating for automation

Get Orchestrator your way with consistent user experience in any delivery mode

Orchestrator is tested to work with all supported robot versions. UiPath support options available for all delivery modes.

UiPath Automation Cloud™

  • SaaS with rapid provisioning

  • UiPath-managed

  • Updated by UiPath twice monthly

  • Uptime guarantee included for enterprise

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Third-Party Cloud

  • IaaS/PaaS customer install

  • Customer and third party-managed

  • Updated by customer/third party

  • High availability options

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  • On-premises customer install

  • Customer-managed

  • Updated by customer

  • UiPath High Availability add-on option

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Manage your digital workforce securely and enterprise-wide