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Your awesome automations deserve a user-friendly app interface. ​ Create low-code apps to connect all your browser tabs and legacy software, even if they don’t have APIs. Build apps in a snap, deploy with a click, and give your automations a UX-friendly home.

Make people app-happy all day long

Business users can kickoff their apps from virtually anywhere: UiPath Assistant, web links, or even their phone’s home screen.

Share data across your automations and apps

Full integration with UiPath Data Service & Integration Service lets your apps access, manage, manipulate, generate, and consume data from multiple systems, whether they have APIs or not. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you model schematized data and store business data right in the app

Evangelizing your CoE now has a home page

Evangelizing your CoE now has a home page

Automation Launchpad is an easily configurable site built on UiPath Apps that lets your share automation inspiration with your entire company

Go live faster with app templates

Prototype an app idea in no time with drag-and-drop templates. 

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During UiPath FORWARD 5, our product team shared how easy it is unite your UI and API automations with UiPath Apps

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Collaborating for automation

Unleash your automation center of excellence

RPA developers

Build everything from simple forms to enterprise-grade apps in App Studio​

Business users

Access automations anywhere, whether you’re working from your home, office, or on-the-go

CoEs leaders

Get the most of your automation investment with a custom front-end user experience

Enterprise-Grade Automation Apps: Low Code at High Speed
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UiPath Academy Course

UiPath Academy​ training

Learn to build absolutely amazing automation apps

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"I recently started playing with integrating UiPath Apps, UiPath Data Service and UiPath Storage Buckets into my automations. It has been a tremendous amount of fun to see it all come together and how it all gels together."

Jacqui Muller

Part-Time Lecturer, North-West University

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